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405 Recordings, Armada Music, Big & Dirty
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The project WIPPENBERG started in 1995 as a simple side-project, with its first release NEURODANCER on the German underground label Hyper Hype Records. OLAF DIECKMANN – a German producer and dj, who made his first steps as a teenager in the early eighties in the EBM scene – created a big and worldwide club-tune with the hymn NEURODANCER, which was f.e. licensed in UK to the genius techno label Prolekult.

WIPPENBERGÂ’s first release NEURODANCER is still a respected club track, which you can find on many vinyl-wholesaler-lists as one of the-most-wanted-sold-out-records!

In the following years Olaf worked on several other studio-projects, produced many well-known djs and artists and hit the world wide charts, so that there was not much time for new WIPPENBERG sound-material.

But finally in 1999 he got a remix-request from the act IAN VAN DAHL for their first release CASTLES IN THE SKY and so the whole project WIPPENBERG kicked back! Olaf received a lot of positive feedback on this remix and so it happened that ATB and BLANK & JONES knocked on his door. With the remixes of ATB LET U GO and BLANK & JONES NIGHTCLUBBING he creates again a big international hype around the project WIPPENBERG and his special uplifting sound. A lot of remixes followed for example for FRAGMA, MARC ET CLAUDE, GREEN COURT, DANCE NATION, NBG and the legendary DJ Tiesto. So now you can imagine that his remixes can be found in many, many dj cases and dj playlists! He really rocks!

In the meantime Olaf belongs to Germans finest techno- and trance-producers. His project WIPPENBERG and his chart acts are all well-known for their own style and high quality production all over the world.

End of 2003 he finally found the time to concentrate upon and to finish his second single release the WIPPENBERG ELEMENTAL EP 1/2, including the progressive-hymn FIRE and the trance-smasher WATER.

After a small vip-mailout to some international key-djs the feedback and the support was massive. The EP gains a lot respect from many DJs worldwide – like f.e. JUDGE JULES, JOHAN GIELEN, DUMOND, BLANK & JONES, JOHN ASKEW, MARCEL WOODS, COSMIC GATE, LANGE, TATANA, ERNESTO VS. BASTIAN, DJ SHAH, DJ CHOOSE and many more.

In May 2003 Olaf found his own label TOUCHED BY SOUND RECORDS and prepared the official release of the WIPPENBERG ELEMENTAL EP 1/2.

At the moment he is working on a new and frequently requested! – WIPPENBERG ELEMENTAL EP Part 2 and of course on a debut album. You can expect a great mixture of the typical uplifting and kicking WIPPENBERG sound, with themes that will touch you and beats that will make you move. So, watch out for this and be part of a great journey into trance and techno music!