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Winnie Pootz

Tel Aviv, Israel


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Winnie got her first chance to play in a neighborhood bar that she ran at that time.

What started as a hobby became a great passion intensified and received a significant boost from a receptive audience. From this point Winnie began her music search and trying to find her personal line. At first she found herself connected to Electro Dutch and played it as a part of her residents in the ‘Electro hookers’ parties that took place at club ’Helen’s Keller’ in Tel Aviv. In addition, Winnie was a guest Dj in a various clubs such as the Berlin Salon, The Hall, MichaTronix, and others from Tel Aviv’s underground scene.

Over time, Winnie began to develop other musical styles such as "New York Swing’, and diverse house styles. Here she realized her connection to the House music with emphasis on Tribal and Spanish styles. As soon as she understood it, she knew she had to quit her job as flight attendant and focus on her musical career within invest in its development, not just a Dj, but also as a producer and creator.

Meanwhile, Winnie started her music studies at the College of Sound BPM, there she accumulated much more experience and knowledge regarding the production of music and creation with an emphasis on the next generation of electronic music while using Ableton Live software. The outcome was soon to follow and Winnie produced, in collaboration with Daniel Stepz, a new version to ‘Bring me to Life’ by Evanescence, specifically for the film’s launch event, Immortal that took place at the opening party of Shirazi’s FFF winter season for 2011/12.

‘The Cabinet’ was her latest project that she worked on, in January 2012 in, featuring Hybrid Lava in honor of Shirazi’s birthday production (owner & establisher of FFF Group Tel-Aviv) with the global Smirnoff cooperation. Winnie produced the video clip’s sound track that accompanied the promo party publications all around the world (attached link), along with the original track performed the impressive opening night performance event itself.

Winnie has become a major force to be reckoned with and chosen as one of 2011 leading Djs of Israel as part of SHE.J competition that published on website. Friends overseas also did not remain indifferent and she was signed to a world’s Dj’s agency Blumoo, where she received world wide attention from an international producers such as Mike la Funk, Dynamite, Co-Starr, and more that approached for cooperation.

Winnie draws inspiration mainly from leading names such as CHUS, Dj FIST, Peter Brown, TONIC, David Penn, etc. She never ceases to create and publish her Dj sets over the Internet, high-profile sets that are getting appreciation and sympathy from the audience and professionals. Her well known Dj set Fireworks, gained great success and was broadcast on some radio stations worldwide: Global Dance Radio in Ibiza, The internet Radio ‘One’, 2b Continued, Global DJs, & 102FM Radio Tel Aviv.

Ever since Winnie has established herself as a strong Dj name and as the future music producer promise in the local scene at Tel Aviv when The mantra is Always Happy!