Wilder Beatport


Wilder has been into electronic beats since birth, when his mother played a record entitled “Soothing sounds for babies” made up entirely of electronic sounds that he apparently loved as those sounds are all he listens to even today. Interested in, willing to listen to, and able to play anything in the electronic realm that is well produced, funky, beautiful, dark, brooding, enlightening and any other adjective this music can be called, Wilder spins trance, breakbeats, progressive, hard trance/NRG/hard house and even a bit of Dn’B. He has played too many house parties to mention, has co-hosted weekly club nights, headlined club nights and played several large “events” over the last few years. He currently appears regularly at the Delirium Nightclub in Austin Texas and has a Friday evening trance show via Puredj.com on the internet each week and a breaks/progressive show each Saturday afternoon on DjSourceRadio.co.uk. In addition he is doing one off events and also honing his production skills, as he wants to elevate his game to the next level. Wilder says that he loves to see the crowd react to the music he plays and encourages fans of the music to stay true no matter what age they are, as he puts it “You never outgrow something you truly love”. Tune in to one of his shows or see him live and hear for yourself the incredible sound which is Wilder.