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Wild Dark

Brooklyn, United States

Akbal Music, Nazca, Supernature
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Introducing : Wild Dark

Following several successful years as the electronic music DJ duo Samsara Brothers, Corey & Ryan Negrin began to explore their artistic creativity in the form of original songwriting and organic music production. Their stunning new endeavors, along with vocalist Sal Nastasi, have brought them to the emergence of a new paradigm : Wild Dark.

Wild Dark is an exploration of all that is organic and soulful within a framework of a refined, forward thinking sound that combines elements of house, techno, electronica and everything in between to create a truly fresh take on modern dance music.

The artistic collaboration between the Negrin brothers and their longtime friend, Sal Nastasi, has been many years in the making… the three grew up in the same town in New York. Following his own successful foray into music as a rock band vocalist over the last 15 years, Nastasi reconnected with the brothers and the foundation for what has become Wild Dark was laid.

Wild Dark strives to become a refreshing new standard in a world dominated by samples & regurgitated ideas, featuring original vocals and songwriting throughout their already large and constantly evolving library of new productions woven together, influenced by the vibrations of a chaotic modern world.

From darkness, beauty rises.