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Lisboa, Portugal

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Disko Records
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Gonçalo Rodrigues aka WickedPlay, has began his Dj project back in the days of 2001 where, at that time known as Mr. Smooth, he became resident DJ in micro club Heroes (Lisbon) for about one year.

During this period, he has had a fast development process, having been invited few months later to play in Industria Lx Club, on a full crowded saturday night. Known by being one of the most recognized Lisbon clubs at the time, now is called Loft Club.

The performances in Industria Lx Club have proceeded, until July 2002, time that has appeared an invitation by the major Party Producer Heart & Soul (Oporto), to act on the biggest music event of his country on that year, the Elektro Parade Festival, sponsored by Sagres beer.

This invitation offers to WickedPlay, at that time still under the name “Mr. Smooth”, the opportunity to play for more than 10,000 people along with several Top international DJ’s and Producers such as: DEEP DISH (USA), TRENDROID (USA), BEHROUZ (USA), THE ADVENT (UK), MARCO CAROLA (IT), CARI LEKEBUSH (SE), and some of the best national Dj’s like Carlos Fauvrell, Frank Maurel, Boom Bass Boy, Grand Master Tom, Pete Tha Zouk, just to name a few…

After the memorable Gig @ Elektro Parade Fest, he was invited to play a bit all over the country, so probably you have already seen him performing in places like Op’Art (Lisbon), Alcantara Club (Lisbon), InLoco (Montijo), Coconuts (Cascais), Horta da Fonte (Cartaxo), Scala (Estoril), EntreÁguas (Paco de Arcos), Barrios (Lisbon), Trinta e Um (Porto), Alabastro (Albufeira), Lei Seca (Lisbon), Lisboa Bar (Lisbon), Bubble Club (Setubal), Alive (Lisbon), Mitto (Albufeira), Montinho – after hours Dubdelight (Albufeira), Armazem Terlis – Clix Fest (Lisbon), etc. .. .

On 2005, he got a residence in club In Loco where he played with some of the most recognized Portuguese djs like: Diego Miranda, John-e, Analodjica, Dj Pena, Mark Rizzo, Di Paul, Magillian, just to name a few…

He also played with some of the best international djs at the time, like DJ TOM STEPHAN aka SUPERCHUMBO (USA), ROB DI STEFANO (USA) the owner and mind behind Twisted records, and many others.

Since then, WickedPlay has played from North to South…