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Whiteqube deftly juxtaposes intricate synth sounds and intense beats with dark vocals. The duo’s music is starkly honest, multi-faceted and their sound fuses genres: EBM, techno/EDM, rock and pop.

Whiteqube’s eclectic sound was born from their musical influences. According to Jason Schary, one half of Whiteqube, “I am a music junkie, and my musical influences are quite widespread. I like everything from Nine Inch Nails to Depeche Mode; Bowie to Joy Division. I love most music: rock, disco, blues, techno and industrial.” T. Ryan Arnold is the other half of the duo. He says, “I have been a fan of electronic and dance music all my life, starting with my dad’s Abba and Saturday Night Fever vinyls. Later, I discovered synthpop, ‘90s rave and industrial. My favorite band of all time is Information Society.”

Los Angeles clubgoers will likely recognize Schary (DJ Bractune), as one of the original DJs at legendary industrial clubs Das Bunker, Perversion and the extremely popular Indie/Britpop/Electroclash Club Bang. He remains one of the most sought-after DJs able to work any club genre—He still spins at Club Blue Mondays (the longest running 80s club in Los Angeles) every week.

Schary and Arnold formed Whiteqube in 2010 in Los Angeles. “Ryan and I were at a get-together and started discussing how artists don’t really make the types of music like we like anymore. One of our friends said ‘well, why don’t you guys make music then?’ A light bulb went off, and we decided to give it a shot.”

“We got together to analyze and deconstruct the music we like. That lead us to making an EP. Since then, we have toured the country with VNV Nation. We have also opened for Combichrist, Perturbator, and TimeCop 1983, among others.”

“Our live show is definitely something we excel in,” Schary explains. “As much as we love electronic music, watching a DJ or maybe a guy behind a keyboard occasionally raise his hand or something is so boring! We want the audience to feel energized and excited.” Arnold adds, “Jason and I have asked ourselves, ‘what would KISS do if they were a techno band?’ We make it big, high energy, and extremely entertaining. We engage the audience, feed off their energy and have the most fun we can onstage.”

Whiteqube’s upcoming EP, Design Flaws, is due out on September 21, 2018.

“I am so excited about this release,” Schary says. “We believe the sound is super original, mixing techno, old-school EBM, synthpop, and alternative rock. All five tracks on Design Flaws are songs with a message that you can dance to.”

This release is very special to us,” Arnold concludes. “Lyrically and musically, we’re really starting to find our voice and what we want to say with Whiteqube. As artists, we have an obligation to entertain our audience and also to comment on life and society. I believe the songs on this EP strike an excellent balance between political commentary and exciting dance music, which is exactly what we’re most interested in making.”