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White Lightning

United States

White Lightning Beatport


Genres= house (all forms and time era’s)/ghetto tech/trance/jungle/2 step/hip hop/turntablist

He began spinning in the 80’s at age 12 when he purchased his first set of turntables and has won every DJ turntablist battle he has entered. He mixes all forms of electronic music not limiting him self to one genre. To this day he boasts one of the largest DJ record collections in the world which stem from 1975 ish the beginning of hip hop and techno era to today. Besides spinning in clubs throughout Michigan, he holds more than 10 radio mix shows and spins pom mix routines that are air on ESPN. His style has been compared to Jeff Mills in that he mixes house and dance music like its hip hop jumping in and out of records and whipping through the crates like “lightning” with beautiful blends.