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United States

Electro House, Hip-Hop

K.N.O.R Records, Loaded
Whiplash Beatport


It all started around 1986 after Whiplash, then known by his birth name Nigel, had bought Run D.M.C.’s new album “Raising Hell”. After hearing Jam Master Jay, one of the most compelling turntablists hip-hop has ever seen, Nigel wanted to do the same. The problem was he was 11 and only had a double tape deck to use.

Many years later Nigel, known now as Whiplash, had begun the second half of his life and started to take that childhood dream of spinning wax and make it a huge part of his life. In early 2002 Whiplash was able to get his first set of tables and a mixer. He spent many hours trying to perfect this craft from the confines of his room. Practicing everyday after work and most of his weekends, Whiplash began to turn this DJ’ing “thing”, as most called it, into a lifestyle.

In late 2002, Whiplash came across the school that his childhood DJ hero Jam Master Jay had created, the Scratch DJ Academy in NYC. There Whiplash was able to hone his turntablist skills of mixing, blending and scratching. After spending many weekends and some weekdays @ Scratch, Whiplash was asked to be a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) at the school. Excited to help, Whiplash of course agreed to become a part of this amazing school in New York’s East Village. Being able to help instruct students along side such DJ greats as: Grandwizzard Theodore, Luv Bug Starski, Grandmaster Caz as well as other NYC greats like former ITF & DMC champ I.Emerge, Jahi Sundance, Max Glazer and the Turntable Twins; Damage & Verge 24/7 has been a very rewarding experience for Whiplash.

Currently Whiplash can be found chilling in the Pacific NorthWest with the Funk Shop DJs and Three6Oh! Productions.