DJ Whatt born in Brooklyn, NY has been djing since 1996. He started off by first purchasing a few hip hop records at two local record stores (From [email protected] Fever and Yol... read more


Location: New York, United States United States
Genre: Breaks

DJ Whatt born in Brooklyn, NY has been djing since 1996. He started off by first purchasing a few hip hop records at two local record stores (From [email protected] Fever and [email protected] Records) to play on his father’s record player. This soon came to an end upon his parents getting upset with his destruction of using his baseball cards to slow down the records at half speed, which was all the craze at that time. The next victim was his friend Booger who happened to own two of those classic Gemini turntables not exactly fit for anyone to be spinning on but would work for the time being. After convincing Booger to give up one of his Gemini decks he purchased a Technic turntable at the local pawn shop for $25 as well as a small two channel Gemini mixer from thoroughbred Music. Listening on his headset for months he saved up his money to finally purchase a set of speakers and an amp from Circuit City, which his parents quickly came to hate. Finally, after getting his dj set-up complete, he convinced Booger to just surrender all of his hip hop records and the beat matching game began.

At this time he started hearing about these “raves” from some friends on the basketball court they finally convinced him to attend one. One night he persuaded his friends Greg and Alan to at least give him a ride to the event as they refused to attend. After dancing all night to the funky breaks of djs like Icey (including hearing his “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8” track over six times) he was hooked to the music and his hip hop phase was over, despite his two and a half hour walk home through two project developments at 7 in the morning after the event.

Exhausted but still inspired from the night before he found his way to Neptune Records where John told him what breaks were and pulled a stack of records which became the beginning of Dj Whatt’s breaks collection. After getting his records and while practicing his sister asked him “if you are going to be djing what is going to be your dj name” and the music being too loud he replied “what?” and she said “what is going to be your name?” and he said “yeah, that’s it”, she said “what?” and he said “yeah, dj what, but with two Ts”. And she laughed not knowing he would indeed become DJ Whatt.

After years of practice and getting his first set of 1200’s he finally stopped refusing his friend’s requests to play out and took his first gig at Patrick’s night club in Tampa in 1998. Following this initial gig he released several underground mix Cds, which caused quite a stir and gained him much popularity with the kids as well as many gigs throughout the state of Florida. During this time fellow close artists such as B-Nice and Tony Faline indirectly encouraged him to start investing in studio gear. So, in the year 2000 Whatt began putting his home studio together with the aspirations of releasing his own vinyl.

After Whatt’s production and remix work was complete on several tracks he realized he needed a label under which to release this material. Brainstorming a name for the label and one day looking over his past mix Cds, particularly the one he did with fellow dj Rick Kastle, he realized that that was it… Whatt Kastle. This name also coincidently reminded him of the little hamburgers he loved so much as a kid growing up in Brooklyn and which inspired the design of his record label’s logo.

The label enjoyed great success within the breaks community and gave Whatt the avenue that he was so desperately wanting. Releasing over 8 records his first year he was well on his way to achieving his goals. Soon, so much material was being produced he eventually developed two other labels in order to release his remix projects that were played on radio stations from coast to coast.

The future is a bright one for DJ Whatt and he will never forget the people that inspired him and guided him along the way.