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What The Bleep

Bowling Green, United States

Drum & Bass

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DJ What the Bleep

Ragga jungle/Drum n’ bass

[Electronic Enlightenment, Goodvibes Entertainmnet, 3two Crew, jungletrain]

There is something about jungle, ragga vocalists and MCs, and the spirit of Jamaica that attracts DJ What the Bleep to this culture and music. When he listens to a song that speaks of suffering and suppression in a government of corruption and greed, he feels the pain in the voice. He senses the genuine nature of the stories and emotions.

His goal as a ragga jungle DJ is to pass on the vibe and message. His aim is not to become famous, but simply to foster the understanding and appreciation of ragga jungle worldwide. For this to happen, he believes it is a necessity to DJ with limited distractions and absolutely no mind-altering substances to cloud my consciousness. Music, specifically the stories of Jamaican culture, is a very powerful source of emotion. He feels that if he were to be intoxicated in any way while DJing, it would be an act of negligence. He is responsible for the emotions of those who listen to my music, so he is also responsible for the purity of the message. The gas mask that he wear when DJing symbolizes this stand against substances.

When he performs for others, he can only hope that they approach his sets with an open mind. Not so long ago, even he couldn’t even begin to comprehend or respect jungle. He realizes that this is the case for many people, so instead he focuses on the vibe, encouraging a positive attitude that lets listeners dance without losing their individuality, creative conscience, and intellectual curiosity. If some one who hears his music enjoyed what they heard while at least beginning to understand the depth of the message of ragga jungle, then he has done his job.

His DJing career started after experiencing his first rave at an after-party for Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) in 2004. Awed by the ways the DJs would blend the music creating unique flows of music, he sought to learn how to DJ myself. He soon began to pursue the knowledge of the art of DJing by meeting new people in the rave culture, and as a result, he found myself spending time with Mike Sanderson. He shared the same interest of learning how to DJ and so they together learned how to use DJ equipment and beatmatch.

Just a few months later, in the fall of 2004, What the Bleep bought his first pair of turntables. Over the following half-year he played several Internet radio shows on lazystation and then later, darkfm. He was then booked for his first show at a small party in Detroit, similar to his very first rave; an after-party for DEMF in the same small venue in Roseville, exactly one year after his first exposure to rave music.

After finally learning what it was like to DJ for an audience, things began to explode. He recorded demos, promoted myself, and began to make connections all around the midwest, leading to many bookings and a growing reputation to play a good set of drum and bass. Keep in mind that when he started mixing, he had only a collection of about 30 records of techstep drum and bass. When he first went to look for records, he knew he liked the speed and energy of drum and bass; it was the most captivating sound he had heard since his introduction to the new music. However, as his skills moved forward, his taste in records evolved and he developed a liking for the intellectual and emotional edge that ragga jungle offered. The complicated drum beats added intelligence, and the vocals created stories and human emotion for listeners to relate to.

Now, over 50 full-size rave events later, What the Bleep is proud to have played at events such as the World Electronic Music Festival (Tweed, Ontario), Camp Out (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), 9th Circle weekly (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Blitzen 2 (Cleveland, Ohio), Triple Canopy (Cincinnati, Ohio), Frequency Festival (Dubois, Pennsylvania), and on the San Diego Shakedown Show (San Diego, California). Also, he is now considered a regular to many midwest cities, including Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Detroit, and Cleveland. He also spins two weekly Internet radio shows: one on WBGU 88.1 FM in Bowling Green, Ohio and another jungletrain. This brings his music to the local community as well as hundreds of jungle listeners around the world.

Note: His name is NOT derived from the thought-provoking quantum-physics movie “What the Bleep Do We Know”. He was named Bleep as a raver at his first rave event, and it went from there.