weplayHouse is Dj Producers, Salvatore & John Paul Location: South Eastern Florida & N.Y.C. - USA Digital Evolution: Salvatore & John Paul have gone from ... read more
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Location: Toronto, Canada Canada
Genre: House, Tech House
Alias/Collaboration: JOHN PAUL (CA)



Dj Producers, Salvatore & John Paul


South Eastern Florida & N.Y.C. – USA

Digital Evolution:

Salvatore & John Paul have gone from tag teaming on 4 analog turntables to 4 CDJ 2000’s with digital coded CD’s. They play simultaneously with 2 laptops running Traktor, Video Mixing Software, 2 external mixxers & Internal digital mixers,1 external AVI Mixer, 2 Midi Trigger sources all tied into the main house system. At the same time. These toys guaranty a performance that is full of constant energy & motion, creating a heightened level of intensity throughout any room.

Music Influences:

Latin, Tribal, Funk, Rock, Drum & Bass, Techno, Breaks,

Freestyle, Deep House, Progressive, Dirty Electro,

Tech House, Reggae, Jazz, Opera, Punk, Soul and

Classic Disco.


weplayHouse has a unique approach to the making and playing of House music. During every performance you can expect a tapestry of original released and unreleased track by weplayHouse and your favorite artist as well as live on the fly re-edits and remixes of club favorites, keeping the element of venue energetic and sexy.

Magazine Articles:

“The weplayHouse SUPER DUO of Dj/ Producers Salvatore & John Paul, thrive on perfection while in a constant mix of sultry acapellas, air ripping synth stabs and hair raising build ups. Spinning tribal, minimal and techno house layered with seductive drums. There sets are works of art..” [ictv1 2007]

“weplayHouse spins dark tribal progressive house. At best you will hear 122 to 133bpm, tribal beats, and flawless mixing styles on four turntables. These guys are the present and future of dance music.” [Spin Magazine 2008]

“Salvatore & John Paul represent the next generation of DJs that defiantly adopted the notion that decks are legitimate musical instruments”. [Mixer Magazine 2007]

Internet Live Radio & Video Streaming:

weplayHouse spins live in front of 42,000 viewers from around the world at The Womb, Miami. www.thewomb.com & Monthly at FAU Radio show on Owl Radio Boca Raton

Audio Streaming / Downloads / Interactive website:

At djsalvatore.com , iTunes , weplayhouse.us, Push Radio & podomatic you can listen to mixes anytime.

Original Music –/ Record Labels:


Britney Spears – 3 (weplayHouse mashup) [Remixers – Salvatore & John Paul]

Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (weplayHouse DJ Edit)


Nervous Records:

Oscar G – What You Need (weplayHouse Remix) [Remixers Salvatore & John Paul]

South Records:

Tom Sawyer – South American (weplayHouse Remix) [Remixers- Salvatore & John Paul]

Decoding Jesus & Keokie – The Path (weplayHouse Radio Edit) [Remixers – Salvatore & John Paul]


The late night lab (Miami) Power 96.5

Party 93.1 (Miami) 93.1

Electronic buzz (West Palm Beach) 103.1

Wild 95.5 (West Palm Beach) 95.5

Global Groove (Toronto, Canada) 100.7

Groove This (Toronto, Canada) 89.5

XM Radio (The System) – Radio 1

2009 CD Release

weplayHouse vol1

Winter Music Conference 2009 will hold the Official release date of weplayHouse vol1. An intense mix of sexy, energetic journey of unreleased original tracks and on the fly live edited and re-mixes of club modern classics. Mixed live on 4 turntables and 2 laptops by the team of Dj producers: Salvatore & John Paul.

With over 25 release events booked for this cd by way of some of the biggest and hottest clubs from coast to coast, this cd is sure to be a huge must have for you car and ipod for the upcoming summer.

The entire 80 minute mix is available to download via pod cast on iTunes & Podomatic,com for “FREE”.

Gutter Boyz

The sun is going down over the bay.

Personnel: Ish Ledesma (vocals, guitar, saxophone, keyboards, bass); Nicole Williams, Gwendolyn Osbourne, Raul Rodriguez, Mara Zul (vocals); Mark Tearrett (guitar); Danielle Natividad (flute); Joe Donato (saxophone); Gordon Edge (trumpet); Mike Orta (piano); Orlando Machado, Dave Abrams (drums); Ray Corrall (percussion); John Paul (programming); Bobby Sami, Julian Ledesma (background vocals).

Track 11. Spiritual Respect , written, produced and preformed by John Paul

weplayHouse is now an active producer for Beatport mp3 downloads. Beatport is set up for DJs to get music before it hits the stores. This is the new age of purchasing music & playing music.


2006 – 10 Sponsors

Stanton Final Scratch from the winter music conf. 2006-2009

Native Instruments Tractor from the winter music conf. 2006-2009

Past Florida Resident Venues:

Release Night Club West Palm Beach, Florida

Metropolis Downtown Miami Downtown, Florida

Liquid Nightclub West Palm Beach, Florida

Underground West Palm Beach, Florida

Gryphon Hard Rock, Ft Lauderdale

Spirits Hard Rock, Ft Lauderdale

Present Florida Resident Venues

Monarchy West Palm Beach, Florida

Biba West Palm Beach, Florida

Lazen Port St Lucie, Florida

Delux Delray Beach, Florida

Tour / Guest Venues:

Amsterdam Music Conf. 2002, Aria, Baja, Bio, Bonds, Buzz, Cub 201, Club 251, Club 2000, Club 3299, Cream, Cyberfest, Effected, Eliat, Evolution night club, Film, Flow, Foam, Groove, Gryphon, H20, Hedcandi, Krome, Level, Liquid, Mega Dog, Metropolis Downtown, Nerve, Nikki Beach, Opium, OZ, Posh, Release, Resort, Slinky, Swirl, Synergy, System, Techno Ball, The Cave, The Liquid Room, The Underground, The Warehouse, The Womb, The Zone, Twilo, Union Fest, Vivid, Winter Music Conf. 2000-09.

John Paul

Past Resident & Guest Venues:

West Palm:

The Liquid Room








Hotel Biba


Fort Lauderdale:

Spirits @ The Hard Rock

Gryphon @ The Hard Rock





Niva – After Hour

Bar Room


Pump After Hour

Paragon/Club NU


Radio live mix shows

96.9 Beach Radio 1997 – 1999

(4 Hour live mix show hosted by Gilbert Staford)




Bar 409

Ministry of Sound


New York:

Lime Light

Save the Robots – After Hour




Denver CO:

The Church


Weplay House