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Wendel Kos is the project name of one of the biggest Dance Music producers today. There is no dance radio show, festival, rave or club that has not played one, some or all of his tracks. He has been in charts all over the globe, and if you haven’t heard of him…..you will.

Wendel Kos started to play the piano from the age of 7. So you could say he has a musical background. As with all youngsters, the piano got boring pretty soon and Wendel looked in the more alternative side (and in those days underground side) of music to fill his musical needs. From this time on, life had been one big party for him. This included highlights at the infamous Dance Valley festivals and Heineken Music Hall, to live performances under various names, projects and aliases. After a decade of being 100% underground and 100% poor, Wendel decided to take yet another drastic turn in life. So here we are, circa 2008…

You can’t always explain why, but somehow things fell together. In a turn of fortune proving to be the most important thing to happen to Wendel’s career, he found a company who believed in his sound. A group who finally saw the possibilities and the talent in Wendel’s music production. This company is called Fektive Music, where Wendel has his home now.

Together, Wendel and Fektive have accomplished great things in just a short period of time (since January 2008)! Wendel Kos has reached top spots in Europe as well as a 1 position in the USA Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart with his remix of Ercola "Every Word”, which was in the top 10 for 46 weeks! He has also completed remixes for half the globe and made sure every station on the planet has played the Wendel Kos tunes!

Wendel continues to bring innovative and fresh sound to the dance music culture, proving time and time again to be one of the most entertaining music acts around!