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Wemms Project

Recklinghausen, Germany


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WEMMS Project is a community of two guys from Recklinghausen – Germany. Born in Recklinghausen, and still live there. Muamer and Mike works together for several years on the same music level. They know each together from childhood. Ever since then they do a lot of mischief, maybe is that the reason for they perfect music communication among themselves.

Non-standard beats is the motto of WEMMS Project. We design a lot of different trends.Techno music is also hip like trance music, hard trance, house music and funk & dance. Our music is not defined; our music is depending on our emotions. Our philosophy is fun & beats!

The WEMMS-Sound is not to describe, the sound is to experience. We will never cover a song or sound, our experiments are our trend marks. We will not to comply with the rules; we include hard style drums in a chill out song. Why not? Our Music comes from emotions not from musical scores. All these attributes are including in the unique WEMMS-Style.