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Well Groomed

Las Vegas, United States

Electro House, House

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Denver Miller (Well Groomed) is a DJ and performer from Reno, Nevada, known in and around Las Vegas clubs as much for his professionalism and personality as his ability to successfully spin a wide variety of musical styles. With a passion for electronic dance music (EDM) and a knack for spinning anything, Miller’s two personalities—“DJ 2wice” and “Well Groomed”—have performed at Las Vegas’s Pure Nightclub, the annual Burning Man art experience, and the New Year’s Eve Snowglobe Music Festival in Lake Tahoe, and represent the best mixes of what today’s artists are recording around the world.

By day Miller, 26, is a graphics and web designer and earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism, with an advertising emphasis, from the University of Nevada, Reno. In 2010 he moved to Las Vegas after a successful 8-year stint DJing the Reno circuit as DJ 2wice. Under the tutelage of West Coast DJ, EJ Luera, Miller was molded into the DJ he is today: one as adept at thoughtfully cultivating relationships with promoters, venues and hiring entities as he is with his throngs of fans. Miller’s fresh sets reward repeat attendees with tracks different from whatever they heard the last time they saw him. And he rises above the industry’s occasional too-cool-for-school mentale with a dedication to personal authenticity, always remembering his roots.

With Vegas’s growing opportunities for all-EDM DJs to perform, in October 2011, Miller differentiated DJ 2wice’s sets—known for danceable hip hop, pop, house, indie and rock tracks—from his all-EDM spinning. He developed a character devoted entirely to EDM and named it Well Groomed, which debuted in November 2012 at Pure nightclub at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

As Well Groomed, Miller performs as a fictitious, larger-than-life artist wearing a full head mask in the shape of a giant mustache. DJing in tailored, high-fashion suits, Well Groomed’s aura is playful, surreal and cartoonish, yet devilishly debonaire.

“Wearing a mask lets me become a whole other person,” says Miller of his stylin’, suit-wearing, mustachioed-masked alter ego. Basing Well Groomed on a fictitious caricature that harkens to 1960s and ‘70s swagger and swing—when jazz-loving men grew bushy facial hair, sipped stiff drinks and never swore in front of a lady—Well Groomed is a throwback to a kinder, gentler era that was all about peace and love on the inside, and groovy style on the outside. “People connect with me because of what I represent, and they surely don’t forget about me,” says Miller. And because Well Groomed only plays EDM, the character lets Miller pursue his personal passion for the genre, and for the crowd he’s grown to love for how it genuinely cares about the music. “They get just as excited as I do, and it creates an amazing connection when I’m performing.”

More than a DJ that passively plays music, Well Groomed is well known for themed “Mustache Parties, where Miller’s character hands out “‘stache schwag” like mustache bottle toppers, straws, sunglasses, t-shirts and LED foam sticks. These items are introduced throughout Well Groomed’s sets and create a frivolous, unexpected, uniquely memorable event for clubs striving to enhance their club goers‘ experience beyond the norm. The action takes place with a soundtrack of deeply researched EDM tracks from around the world, and original EDM mixes by Miller.

Miller’s Mustache Party concept provides clubs with an instant, just-add-water EDM entertainment option that breaks up the more typical, for-the-masses sets performed by DJs, just as Miller does under the name DJ 2wice. Bookable any time of year, Miller’s Well Groomed character is especially popular during Movember events, and months like “Mustache March.”