Top 25k on The DJ List

Wee Bee

Portoroz, Slovenia

House, Progressive House


Veljko Bokan, a.k.a. DJ Wee Bee resides on the Slovenian coast, exactly in Portoro. At the age of 15 he began to play his beloved instrument ’ the guitar, and the journey with it lasted seven years.

Soon after he focused into House Music – by going out, he became a ‘disco-freak’. All this happened through his friend, who in ‘99 owned a small venue, still on the Slovenian coast. This friendship made Wee Bee become keen of all the various kinds of electronic music; boosting his interest in music in general, the clubbing atmosphere, the people’s response on the dance floor and the whole role and figure of The Performer and Entertainer ’ the DISC JOCKEY.

All this excitement made him buy his 1st pair of decks, just for hobby ’ playing and experiencing through combining his ‘most wanted’ tracks.

Finally, his day came and he obviously took the opportunity to perform on a ‘real’ locally organized event. His skills took further development in smaller places, becoming fundamental for his next step.

In 2003 he co-founded a booking agency with a group of friends, artists with same interests. EE ’ Eleganza Eletronica is actually famous for the introduction of lots of foreign well-known DJs (for instance ’ Luca Ricci, George Morel, Stereonova, D-Fuse, Dj Mea, Slok) in Slovenia.

The width of his musical specter is another of his specialties, spreading from deep, tribal and latin house to the latest, newest electro and progressive vibes.

Hard work lead to popularity among all the Slovene and Northern Italian clubs. From 2004, between summertime he resides in Coco Cafe in Portoroz , which is the only open air terrace (such as Bora Bora or Cafe del Mar in Ibiza) venue in Slovenia.

In 2005 he was made resident DJ in the Central European Super Club, Ambasada Gavioli. Besides, the artist performed on various bigger events, such as MTV’s Christmas party (alongside Audio Fly and The Bodyrockers), and with respected artists ’ Seamus Haji, The Beginnerz, Marco Bellini,?!)