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When one hears the word “wasabi” chances are, the first thing that strikes ones mind is a strong flavored yet exotic spice. However when listening to “Wazabi” one’s sense will be hit with strongly tuned basslines and some of the finest home-brewed sounds. There is no questioning now, why Florian Meyer & Axel von Wuthenau from Oldenburg/Cologne, Germany chose this to be their moniker.

Having been in the game for less than three years, the two have already managed to create quite a buzz within the international club scene. Not only have their tunes been hitting it hard on the dancefloor but they have also been getting major player support from the likes of: Crookers, Wolfgang Gartner, Dada Life, The Proxy, Breakbot and BBC Radio 1’s host, Kissy Sell Out.

While listening to their tracks on your ipod may be enjoyable, nothing can compare to what these two Colonians have to offer when it comes to their live gigs. Their DJ set is guaranteed to scratch each and every single one of your electronic itches. Clubbers from across Europe and the US have had the chance to witness this first hand. If they haven’t stumbled in your town yet, do not worry and keep your eyes peeled. Wazabi may be coming to a home near you, sooner than expected!

Contact: [email protected]



► Fat Cap (King Kong Rec)

► Rooftop (King Kong Rec)

► Ripper (King Kong Rec)

► Shogun (King Kong Rec)

► Interplay (Dim Mak / New Noise #1)

► Turbulenz (Guys N Dolls Rec)

► Interplay (Guys N Dolls Rec)

► Optimus (Mashed Paper Rec)

► Cobretti (free download)

► Sub Zero (free download)


► Larry Tee – Charlie (Ultra Rec)

► Jean Elan – I Don´t Care (We Play Rec)

Sharam Jey – Living Like I’m Dying (King Kong Rec.)

► Sovnger – For My Dog (Guys N Dolls Rec)

► X-ettl – Flatliners (Mähtrasher Rec)

► Waxdolls – Dingeling King (Sputnik Rec)

► Caracho – Harte Jungs (One Eyed Charly)

► DecaLicious – Young and Flexible (Guys N Dolls Rec)

► S-File – Boxstar (Guys N Dolls Rec)

► Mashed Paper Klub – Deus Ex Machina (Mashed Paper Rec)

► Clash The Disko Kids – Aneurysm (Rawjak)

► Markus Lange – Shifter (Don’t Play This Rec)