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Tokyo, Japan

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HEAVY BASS, TRAP, BMORE,HIPHOP, などを中心に活動するDJ DUO. 日本生まれの二人は(ノクシン、セス)日本と海外、二つのカルチャーバックグランドを持っている。12 年以上にわたり日本の音楽とエンターテインメイント業界の中心で活躍するm-floのVERBAL 率いるKOZMに所属。そして名だたるDJからサポートを受けている。カナダモントリオールのRAW RecordsからのEP No.1をリリースをはじめROC TRAXのDJ MAAR & TAARのリミックスを手がけるなど多方面に活躍している。そして海外からのBASS,TRAPシーンからも注目されている今一押しのBASSアーティストである。さらに2012年NOXINのレーベルPROPERPEDIGREEが始動。国内海外とBASSの厳選された曲をリリースしていきBASS界を揺るがすこの人組ユニットに今後もっとも注目するべきだろう。

Watapachi is the Tokyo based DJ & Production duo consisting of NOXIN & SES. They have performed in some of Tokyo’s most prestigious clubs such as Le Baron de Paris, WOMB, Vanity, WWW Shibuya, and Sound Museum VISION, to name a few. They have co-starred with KITSUNE, GILDAS, SOVNGER as well as opened for Wise of Teriyaki Boyz and DESIGNER DRUGS. They were also honored to perform at R&B artist, RIHANNA’s, after party when she came to Tokyo.

Japan natives Noxin and Ses first encountered each other on the streets of Tokyo back in 2011 during a pick up basketball game. Though Ses hails from the northern island of Hokkaido and Noxin has called Tokyo home nearly all his life, the two quickly bonded over their passion for music. Noxin and Ses also share international backgrounds having both lived in various parts of the world, spawning musical tastes and inspirations just as diverse. In January 2012, the two decided to officially partner and Watapachi was born.

Watapachi seeks to discover, share, and create new sounds drawing inspiration from all over the world. This unique producing/ performing international duo has been crusading through the Tokyo club scene, playing original beats and establishing a demand for a new music scene in Japan—one focused on quality and creativity rather than the Top 40 hit list. Watapachi’s bilingual, multi-cultural dynamic within the duo translates to an even more profound relationship between artist and audience, creating an extraordinary atmosphere of individual expression and joint coconscious.

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