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The Warp Brothers musical style is dominated by pumping heavy bass lines no matter what kind of set they are playing whether it is techno or a more progressive one. Face Magazine once wrote that, “The Warp Brothers have a lethal weapon and it’s called hard house”, however their own description describes their sound as progressive uplifting, hard trance and techno.

Ollie and Jürgen have amassed more knowledge and experience in the music industry than most could build up over a lifetime. The Warp Brothers have been around for a mere 3 years but previous to this they were both established artistes who decided to pull their strengths and resources to create a world DJ brand and what a job they have done so far.

The Warp Brothers most notable appearances include;

• Godskitchen Two Tribes Festivals (Australia & New Zealand 2003)

• Truth (Jo’burg, South Africa 2003)

• Full Moon Party (Penang , Malaysia 2003)

• After Hour Power (Los Angeles , USA 2002)

• Euphoric residents @ Es Paradis (Ibiza 2002)

• Osaka Underlounge (Japan 2003)

• Decibel Outdoor (Rotterdam , Holland 2003)

• Q Dance Heiniken Halle (Amsterdam , Holland 2002)

• Ministry Of Sound (Jo’burg, South Africa 2002)

• Plymouth Open Air (UK 2002)

• Technoclub (Los Angeles , USA 2002)

• Amphietheatre (Florida , USA 2003)

• G-Move – Love Parade (Hamburg , Germany 2002)

The Warp Brothers have traveled the globe more times than the Hubble satellite so to list every country and every gig would just be an impossible task but believe me they aren’t many places they haven’t torn apart.

If you put all the releases both Ollie and Jurgen have made as the Warp Brothers and previous to that including remixes, singles and albums over the last seven years it totals over 250 records. Their biggest success to date has been “Phatt Bass” and “We Will Survive” which went top 10 in several countries including the UK. The Warp Brothers latest track feat. Red Monkey is just about to be released on AATW in the UK and uses a bag pipes sound along with their trademark big basslines it is sure to rock the dance floors all over the world.

Presently they are working on new projects with the label they co-own Groove Tracks and Ollie became the new managing director of Unlimited Sounds GmbH which owns Dos Or Die Records.

“We’ve gathered so many great memories especially in the last three years that we simply can’t name one special best moment. One of the first big international gigs we did was at the MOS World Tour in Jo’burg, there were 10,000 people and at the end of the gig we both stage dived into the crowd so we could party with them, it was mental. The same happened two years later in Jo’burg where we played at Club Truth, we were supposed to play for two hours and ended up playing back to back with one of the local DJs (Yo Dizzy!!) for another four hours. The crowd simply carried us on a trip that we all totally forgot everything around us and slammed it. We had almost the same experience at the Two Tribes shows in Australia and then again in New Zealand where the crowd wouldn’t let us leave the stage. We will also never forget the Full Moon party in Malaysia which was a very special venue right on the beach front and even though it started to rain like crazy no-one left the dance floor, everyone was soaking wet but kept on partying like there was no tomorrow”.