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Jaipur, India

Electronica, Hip-Hop

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Dj Wardhan is a member of the plus91music collective.

[+91 Music ] A.k.A “Brothers In Groove” Assembled towards the end of 2005. 3 EDM Artists united under the Shadow of awesomenessss…. :P KrishN, Shobhit and Wardhan brings to the table the authentic mixture of indian cultures,ehtnic roots and urban music revolution. In the process maintained a class that very few in Indian collaborations could deliver. Stretching the limits and dissolving the boundaries between genres be it be hip-hop, house, electronic, trance, Dubstep, DnB etc they can do it all and do it fantastically well which eventually lead to a decent fan base in the indian remixing scene and massive respect among fellow artists.

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