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Victor Manuel Arango aka DJ WAP Gateway, born March 16, 1988 in Medellín, Antioquia, starting with his love of electronic music since 1998 when it starts listening to electronic music when in 2002 he was playing at private parties under the name DJ WAP. in 2004 and with a good music library started playing electronic events in schools in the city of Medellin and some electronic bars, bringing good energy and great music with live keyboards, months later began to produce their own tracks had a unique style and pleasant to his friends who were the first to know its products and from there they have been supporting and giving encouragement to his productions are better each day and become a DJ more recognized nationally and globally, in 2006 playing in an event called Fredonia Sessions 02 in which I enjoy a good party with underground music, this event began to show some of their production work to a virtual call madness. In 2007 begins to produce more commercial genres such as electro, progressive, tech house, etc.. With advice from professional DJs, in 2008 and obtained great achievements began to be revealed in many parts of the world with his productions and playing for a Venezuelan radio station began to win fans. He has played in events alongside Mauro Pierotti, James Child, DC Project, Alejo Vynilo, DaviDj, Sahar, The Collective, Z Dey, magic. In events like the Electronic Sound, Reggaetronica Night, Fredonia Sessions, Facebook Party, among others. For 2009 will come with surprises, with productions Djs recognized nationally important events that so far are being planned.