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Walter Jones

Boston, United States


DFA Records, Greenbeat Records, Hakt Recordings
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Born in the turbulent summer of 1968, Walter Jones came from a musical family. In the 50’s, both of his Grandfathers, and in the 60’s, his parents were accomplished musicians and gained notoriety in their own circles. He also has been exposed to studio techniques since he was a young boy, going to his father’s place of business in public relations with a full film and audio studio from the 70’s. He had a full appreciation for the technical side of music, even then. In the early 80’s Walter started to buy records on his own and collecting 12 inches. By 1984 he started to put mixes together by “pause button” editing techniques. In 1985 he was still in High School and would program some of the music on his cousin’s college radio program on KLSU. By 1987, he had his own successful show on the same station and included the dance music of that time in the programming. He moved to Dallas in 1990 and started to get DJ gigs around town at various parties like Aqua Lounge, the Main Street Warehouse, and eventually in 1994, his own warehouse on Industrial Blvd. Eventually he moved back to Louisiana and would DJ at a few venues in New Orleans. He moved to Chicago in 1999 and DJ at various loft parties. He DJed in New York at Club 2i’s with DJ Izrail from Chicago.

He went back to Dallas to finish his studies in film production in 2007. His music production work goes way back to his High School days where he played in a few punk bands and recorded obscure ambient music with a college buddy in 1987 with only a Piano, a Moog Rogue, and a Prophet 2000. He would write music for other people throughout the 90’s where he built up his arsenal of electronic instruments and recorded personal materiel. After years of demoing his music, he in 2002 got signed to Westbound Records in Los Angeles, and in 1993, scored a successful release called “All God’s Children” complete with a Maurice Fulton remix. It even received the “Pick of the Month” in the March 2003 edition of URB Magazine. After that was another release on Westbound, The Fade Inn Moments EP, which was a very eclectic mix of tech and traditional House, Nu Disco, and obscure beats. Following that was his first dance/rock infused release, with the help of longtime friends Juju and Jordash on the Japanese label, Cisco records. After that he released music on the German imprint, Supersoul records. From that relationship with Supersoul came the DFA release of the Supersoul catalog. Then in 2008 Walter was approached by several labels to release a song that was featured on his Myspace page called “I’ll Keep On Loving You” which was actually derived from an unfinished song he made in 2002 that was put on the back shelf for several years, until he would revive it with a restructured version, that was ultimately picked up by DFA for a successful cult classic with an even more popular B side, Living Without Your Love. So far in 2010 Walter has released a few remixes and one track on the Permanent Vacation compilation “If This is House, I Want My Money Back” and a DJ gig in San Fransisco in February. And the story continues…