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São Paulo, Brazil

Progressive House

WeW Records
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WallBreakers is a completely interactive and technological project formed by djs / producers Audrey Willcox & Igor Willcox and (E-COX).Audrey on CDJs and Igor Willcox on electronic drums, keyboards and effects processors feature a unique performance, playing own songs and greatest hits of house music.Igor Willcox, “Ledman,” wearing a jacket packed with LEDs that change color and intensity of light according to the beats of the music that DJ Audrey Willcox is playing .Have you ever heard the sound of drums coming out of a glass? Prepare for this and more in this unusual Live!The duo also takes the equipment to the dance flor, where everyone can play and interact during the presentation. This is the great differential of the project, the public is also part of this super show!WallBreakers, the project that is breaking all borders of House Music!