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Sam Walker and Gavin Royce met ten years ago at a loft party in Brooklyn: it was packed, the floor was sticky and house music was blaring out of the system. They fast became friends, though the studio was not their first endeavor together. They both had internships for Studio Distribution, threw parties together and shared a few drinks. Their dedication to the dance music scene was evident and they both were looking for ways to be involved.

In the following years Sam spent nearly all his free time in the studio. This gave him a lot of time to hone his skills and push him to eventually concentrate on production and engineering full time. Meanwhile, Gavin was sweating it out in the local NYC DJ scene, playing everything: weekly parties, one-offs, coorporate events. All this let him really learn what crowds want from a DJ and to be able to adapt to any situation.

In 2011 the pair found themselves again working together, this time at NYC’s house stronghold, Nervous Records. Sam was helping with engineering and mastering, while Gavin was there to help do A&R for the daughter label Nurvous. Since all this exciting new music was being put in front of them, they decided to give remixing a shot. The reaction was immediately well received, and at that moment the pair knew that they really had something special. Since then they have released records on Crosstown Rebels, Glasgow Underground, Dither Down, Pets Recordings and more.