Voyager Beatport



A new star rising out of Las Vegas.

“Here’s some hardy-hard stuff by a rude youngster from Las Vegas with a high passion for gambling without any cards or dices. When I say Y.O.U.N.G.S.T.E.R. you maybe should know that he’s only seventeen years old. Well, of course that’s kinda irrelevant but when I think back, I definitely hadn’t have a myspace page not to mention of any musical talent when I was seventeen. The only sound I was able to create where some error-beeps when I hit the keyboard of my 386. In a word – Voyager is more talented than my 17-year-old-alter-ego and worth checking him out. I’m hooked on!” – THE FAST LIFE

“We’re not going to lie. The fact that this kid from Las Vegas called Voyager is only seventeen years old (a fact which makes him right now the Doogie Howser, MD of electro) sort of made us listen to this remix at first. But we have to tell you guys that we were glad we did. He’s done something interesting here, swapping the sultry vocal line with a remarkably-close-to-Philip-K-Dick-ian effect. The coda becomes something more than that, a reverberating notion of electronic life, a hypnosis-inducing line. And the beat? Wow. Just, wow. The pitch control is instantly something to behold.” – THE CULTURE OF ME

“Voyager is a paltry seventeen years old. Can I say that again? He’s SEVENTEEN FOR GOD’S SAKE. And to add insult to injury, he’s only been into dance music for under a year. Screw child prodigies and their holy awesomeness. This take on Crooker’s “Love To Edit” is produced effortlessly and is so so clean. With everything from poppy snares to nice, bright hats and synths so clean you can hear every crackle in the distortion, I am instantly in love with Voyager, and I hate his seventeen year old guts at the same time.” – Dani Deahl