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Vortechtral (Kai Wiggins – Portsmouth – UK) is the main artist, behind the almighty Techment Records, and a purveyor of peak time funky bass lines, an international DJ, worldwide techno producer, and live artist, whos own quality extensive collection of releases and remixes, alongside Techment’s outstanding output from its international roster, have been featured in DJ Mag, IDJ, Loud Magazine, M8 Mag, and seen support and charts from DJs and radio shows across the globe, from Canada to Russia, including Radio 1 (UK), Eddie Halliwell, Pedro Delgardo, DJ Preach, Wehbba, DJ Irish, Axel Karakasis, Mark EG, DJ Misjah, Bryan Cox, Q’Hey, Ian Void, Peppelino, Tom Hades, Christian Fischer, and many many more… His own tracks and remixes feature on such labels as Techment, Primate / Endangered Species, Patterns, TechHead, Intravenous Cuts, Teggno, Kazoo, Prozak, Innervate, ADS, Dazed, Toy Friend, Sub Cult, a mix compilation cd on Style Records, and many more featuring on over 100 releases worldwide.

Due to his love of production since 1998, he has released predominatley funky techno under the name Vortechtral, but consistently put out epic downtempo, industrial and ambient tracks, showing influences from Orbital, Aphex Twin, Air, Sphongle, FSOL, The Orb, and Kevin Yost, under the name Vortechtral AM, nujazz under the alias Benni Blanco, and more melodic and influential dancefloor tracks under Marco Santonio. Kai also runs the label In Deep Recordings for his more chillout based music.

From his UK based studio Vortechtral produces and masters for labels and artists worldwide, and has completed remixes for artists including Christian Fischer & DJ Murphy, Ian Void, Marco G, Axel Karakasis, Martyn Hare, Odessa Soundfreaks, Pratap, Tiago S, Jon Gurd, John Karagiannis, Fer BR, Alex Dias, Wyrus & Dastin, and many more, with tracks featured on CD and mix compilations released worldwide, and used for soundtracks in both the film and gaming industries.

Vortechtral DJ’s a high energy addictive blend of funky techno, and also heavyweight tearout breaks under the name Vortech, he is currently signed to MOSP DJ agency in Chezch. His live PAs and high octane DJ sets have seen him booked across Europe at events including, Apokalypsa Warmup (CZ), Punch Funk (UK), HiFi (Homelands UK), Contact (UK), Geushky / Hard Lines (UK), Jarred (UK), Prehab (Turnmills UK), Subtechment (UK), Technosis (UK), Phase 2 (UK), UYN (UK), Delta (FR), Downtown (UK), Incite (NL), Nelumbo (FIN), and many more, alongside DJs such as Alex Patterson (The Orb), Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser), Killian’s, Martyn Hare, Proteus, Lab 4, Ed Real, Joe Doe, Ian Void, Ant, Misa Salacova, Foamo, Deeroy, John Warwick, Dave Robertson, Andi Leppard, and many more.

He hosts a bi weekely show the Technologic Sessions on the Digitally Imported radio station, has featured as a guest on many other radio shows including Radio Epiloges (Greece), Techno FM, and Express FM (UK), runs the events Subtechemnt, and Base in the UK, and has been known to create and perform visual, flash and design work for clients across the globe.