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Athens, Greece


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VoRo (real name: Christos Voropoulos) was born in Athens, Greece, 26 years ago. At the age of 14 VoRo got introduced to the Trance genre when he heard “Chicane – Offshore”, and this type of music became his passion immediately. After some years, he started mixing and making dance music with computers, mixers and synthesizers and after much work he finished 3 unreleased tracks which were featured in a well known Greek electronic music magazine. He then realized that Trance music scene in Greece is something which only a few Greeks are familiar with and decided to take a break from producing. But, he never stopped listening and experimenting with his sounds. During 2005 a close friend of VoRo who was a professional Greek house DJ, after listening to his sets, he convinced him that he should be a professional in DJing and Trance music production. He introduced him to other DJs and helped him to take part in dance events. At this time, VoRo had taken part in major events in Greece and abroad, playing with big names of the international trance scene and he’s also played live for some famous electronic dance radio stations around the globe…