Leytonstone; birth place of Hitchcock, Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris, Carole Vincent (that old bird from Big Brother) and residence to one lethal drum & bass maestro who will be spending the next twelve months avoiding his invitation to join the 27 Club! I am talking of course of Robin ‘Voodootronix Eden, who has been making tunes now for just shy of a decade.

“I first played records to a room full of people back in 2000” Reflects Robin. “Production came out of engineering for bands and running a squat party sound system. I wanted to know more so I went to college in 2001 and learned a little theory. I bought my first music computer at the end of 2005 and got to work making tunes”

With numerous mixes as well as a steady flow of self produced material, Voodootronix has earned somewhat of an underground status in the London drum & bass scene, his most recent efforts seeing him produce the official remix for Doom Man’s “What Does it Say About You?” as well as getting much deserved attention for one of his more recent tracks, ‘Octave Dub’.

Musically Voodootronix style is best described as bold and danceable while in equal parts technically impressive; combining masterfully the old skool drum & bass sound and ethos with the progressive & contemporary characteristics of modern drum & bass and dubstep skills, though for The Vood, one word sums up the his desired output: “Exciting! I want to make drum & bass music that finds a broad audience of music-lovers: fully-fleshed out productions that can suit any occasion – but that obviously makes you want to dance and go crazy and have a good time!”

One of the founding members of East London’s most long standing squats (491 Gallery) as well as creator of independent label Sumifuka Records, Voodootronix is also a skilled guitar, keyboard and drum player; often incorporating his own percussions and compositions into tracks making comparisons to artists such as Pendulum and Dirtyphonics far from an overstatement. Of course when asked Robin speaks excitedly at the influence these as well as other artists bring, keeping his own musical style fresh and up to date within the ever changing sound of drum & bass. “Drum & Bass is still a very young kind of music so I can remember all the different sounds it’s had over the years – and each sound had its champions. Right now my record bag has a lot of SPOR and Shock One. Dirtyphonics are undoubtedly my favourite newcomers this year. It would also be criminal not to mention DJ Fresh, Chase & Status and Andy C!”

2010 looks to be a promising year for Voodootronix; The Vood will begin a world tour, dropping beats along the way for those lucky enough to catch him. Needless to say when Voodootronix is on the decks, expect technical prowess, expect pretension free beats but most importantly, expect to dance till your feet bleed!

Bio by Michael Byrne