Top 50k on The DJ List

Voodoo 13

Ixtapa, Mexico

Electro House, Minimal


There is a strong belief in the artistic community and the general public as well that structures the acoustic perception and the way we interpret sounds, and that is the concept of electronic music. Electronic music does not exist. This belief separates us from the original purpose that brought artists together arranging sounds from different sources to produce an integral vibe. A synergic, organic stimulus, a vibratory function defined by multiple frequencies and waveforms. Music lies within the receptor, not the source. We can distinguish a wide number of acoustic stimuli, but it all conveys to one psychological and emotional state. This state is related to the cultural background of the receptor, a state very hard to quantize and identify as well. Just like quantum physics, some times it behaves as a definite state, as a particle, some times it is a wave, a train of thought and feelings, sensations traveling trough the body and soul. Based upon this dualistic mind frame, Marcos Fernandez has taken on a journey to explore de universe of acoustic design, harmony and musical synthesis, diving deeply in the infinite mirror of the senses to present his interpretation of the world in his own audiovisual language. Unique, artist, musician, dj, producer, promoter, acoustic engineer, IT annalist, programmer, messenger of the new time, vehicle for love, a planetary seed in search of the synchronization of Earth with the Cosmos, a relentless traveler escaping his insatiable ego, a yogi in search of illumination, a naked Zen master levitating in eternity. He is living in Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico, as an active member of the Present Moment Conscious Living Retreat artistic community. In this paradise for the expansion of consciousness he has installed his production studio, releasing his work under Sahaja Records and next year he will develop a project with Shimon Revivo, from Toltecnica Records in Amatlan, Morelos, Mexico. This year, Voodoo 13 had several presentations at the Zen Lounge and Varuna Lounge in Ixtapa, Mexico, sharing the lineup with Johnathon Soul and Jean Pierre (Soundrollers), Iain Taylor (UK) and Eduardo Lalo X. In June he accomplished his annual performance at G-Rock, General Roca, Ro Negro, Patagonia Argentina, this time at John Bull Bar, with a warm welcome from the public of his birth town. In Mexico city, the month of August had him playing at the VIP Absolut Party at Hotel Condesa DF, performing a warm up set for Lukas (Cancun) and also doing a headliner show at the GO GO Lounge of K NANDA-YO, in Polanco. Voodoo 13s DJ sets are constructions that start from the abstract with a minimal foundation, evolving into a contagious groove that transports our senses to another dimension. His Live Acts are simply unpredictable, high in energy and layered in multiple textures that project into infinity. In Argentina he forms part of Rebel Booking, with Sebastin Ferron, Martin Lavia and Manu Aldunate. In California he has a residency at the Airport Lounge in San Diego and he is in constant collaboration with the OM Family of San Francisco.