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My biography is written on the walls and the posts of the people I have helped and the lives I have been able to touch. My only goal is to make sure that the people I work with become that much better then me in, productions, spinning and as overall individuals. We all have stories and stuff to feed our egos with, served to us by being in the industry for a minute. Does it matter where you played? How many fliers you have been on?  Who you opened for?  Who you headlined for?  In my experience it all doesn’t matter. This industry is built and survives on, what you have done today and what you are going to do tomorrow.


To me, the business of music is about what you are able to contribute to the industry and what you are able to give back to the special people whose lives you have touched. Whether it was thru a special dj set or via a special track you have created, they are the ones that mean the most.  The supporters of your craft… Not you as a superstar.


Everyday this industry is evolving and going into new directions.  There are new producers and new dj’s all trying to compete and take each others paychecks and be the next star. I have found through my journey that all that matters is where you fit in and that every day you strive to make a difference. Every now and again I am lucky enough to be able to go out and rock a crowd. Every now and again I am blessed to write a track that makes a difference in someone’s life and everyday I am able to teach a student that’s coming up the correct morals and values that I was taught by old school cats that make a difference and have contributed to this music scene in every way.


So if you are looking for a Bio about Von UKUF this is what you need to know.  If you want to know how many fans I have on my Face Book profile you don’t really understand the music.