Voltron Beatport


DJ Voltron was born in Brick City (Newark) NJ. The youngest of 4 children, it was quite difficult to escape the life of music. Both of his parents are singers and his brother and two sisters are artists. At a very early age, his parents would take him to see Broadway shows. As he watched the masterful skill of singers and actors, he began to carve his own skill in the entertainment industry.

One day, his parents took him to see Savion Glover in “Tap Dance Kid”. As Voltron reviled in the beats of Glover’s performance, he used his imagination and began to create beats in his head on a turntable. He took those beats and put them on a turntable. Little did his family know, another artist was about to be born. His older brother and two cousins who were already successful DJ’s in New York and New Jersey saw the growth of Voltron and began to cultivate his talent.

Influenced by his mentors DJ Haneef, DJ Stormin Norman and DJ Mike Lee, Voltron vigorously practiced the art of beat mixing with 70’s Disco and House Music under the umbrella of The Almighty Music Company (AMC). While at AMC, Voltron performed at many events, such as weddings, fashion shows, bar-be-ques and more. As a teen in New Jersey, he had special appearances at various nightclubs such as The Black Box and Club Dark Shadows.

As it stands, DJ Voltron has been spinning music for over 20 years. After moving to Atlanta and a short hiatus from the turntables, he has come back stronger than ever spinning an eclectic mix of NeoSoul, Hip Hop, Rock, Oldschool, Reggae and House Music. He is the most versatile DJ in Atlanta and one of few who has the most diverse Mash-Ups ever seen. DJ Voltron was educated at DeVry University having received a BS in Electronics Engineering. He uses the latest technology (Serato Scratch Live) in his sets. With such a strong diverse and skill capacity, he has become one of Atlanta’s most sought after DJ’s.

DJ Voltron is the President and C.E.O. of The Rift Designs, a multi-cultural entertainment and promotions company. In his free time he maintains his studio with current music releases, accepting materials from new artists, and making remixes. He is married to national and international actress/singer R. Cherise Jefferson. His favorite motto is “Real DJ’s Don’t Push Buttons!”