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Vol-tek is the merging of the three DJ’s / producers Alex Torriglia alias Mo-tek, Benjamin Dossenbach alias Balance and Fedja Haueter alias Feodor. The three were united in 2005 through a shared studio owned by the drum and bass legend of Zurich, Alain Bauer alias Led Tampi. Here is where all three profited from Alain’s vast technical knowledge and learned a lot. Fedja pivoted towards house music (progressive-, tech-, minimal house) through his work with his label Sirion Records. Alex supported him in various remixes and the duo called themselves Vol-tek for their musical collaborations from then on. After relocation the studio was dissolved and the trio broke away from Alain Bauer. Their friendship and continued collaboration kept the three friends close. Aside from several remixes for friends labels – like Cristian Paduraru or Samy Fresh’s Augenring Records – the main focus was on remixes released on their own label Sirion Records. Progressively Beni was „converted“ to house music and the three grew musically. Additionally Beni has taken over multiple tasks at Sirion Records.

In 2010 the trio made a quantum leap quality wise and has been collecting matured tracks since. The numerous international contacts, which have resulted from Sirion Records, will prove quite helpful when they take the step into the external arena with their musical arsenal. Considered to be their latest milestone, the trio anticipates their first vinyl release on Sirion Records. Surely the future holds much more musical novelties straight from Vol-tek’s hotbed.