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Born in South Africa, raised in the UK, Steve “Voidloss” Loss, is a producers producer known for carving a lone path through electronic music scenes.

With a long history of music going back to his childhood, Steve has played in bands on the underground circuit in the UK, starting in punk/industrial outfits moving to pure industrial and then techno, he has diverse musical experience as well as being a long time visual artist and animation graduate.

Steve has always been into a diverse range of music, ranging from neo classical music of Arvo Part, through leaden blues rock of Morphine, the Industrial art/noise of Throbbing Gristle to the Vocal Wonder of Bjork. It was his involvement in the influential free party collective “United Systems” in 90`s London that made him focus his output through Techno.

“There was a rawness and darkness to the music that fitted so well with the scene at the time. Dark Warehouses and abandoned buildings, freedom and anarchy, and a sense of danger and menace round the edges. The music reflected what I was seeing then, and vice versa. I just knew I had to explore this sound further.”

Steve started the much respected DirtyBass Records in 2003, and gained instant and massive success with a blend of underground and commercial techno on each release.

“I didn’t know what I was doing, it was my learning process. I was trying to combine all sorts of sounds, and somehow it worked for me, although I was alone in what I was doing, the only guy from the acid techno scene who didn`t end up making music that sounded like the SUF collective”.

With, for the techno scene, rather rapid mainstream success, Steve realised this wasn’t what he wanted. And as his interest in DirtyBass Records waned, he began the Voidloss project.

“I never intended commercial success, and I never caned the releases like a lot of people at the time. I tried to do something different each time, I was on a journey that eventually took me far away from the beginnings of the label, to the point where I could no longer do what was expected of it”

The Voidloss project was almost like a return to roots for Steve. The music was more intellectual, embracing the industrial ethic, more experimental, more artistic, and always playing with the darker side of the psyche.

“When I started focusing on the Voidloss project it all just felt so right, so me. The name, the sound, the visual art, it all happened to naturally. I’ve always been a closet Goth I suppose, I’ve always been attracted and fascinated by the darker side of the soul, and the ethic of Industrial music captivated me in my teens and stayed with me in one way or another, so to go back into this was the best thing I could do for myself artistically.”

Voidloss has grown a reputation for being a voice of individuality in an increasing ocean of compliance. The live Voidloss performances have stunned and captivated people in clubs around the world, and the releases continue to bend and twist around the framework of Techno.

Steve is constantly challenging himself to find a place where intellectual and philosophical artistic ideals can work alongside primal, tribal rhythms.

“I’m trying to make dance music that goes beyond just being a DJ tool. I want to make music that is less transient, a little more challenging, emotionally and intellectually, but I also want it to be enjoyable. I’m not sure dance music is the right place to be trying to expound these ideals, but I think it’s something worth trying. Only dead fish go with the flow after all. Too many people try to fit in, to do anything just to get ahead, or to be popular, always looking to see what others are doing so that they can do the same. This is the worst possible ethic for any art form, we have the pop music genre for that mentality. My way of looking at things is too see what others are doing, and try not to do the same”.

Steve started a new label to be a home for his ideals, Singularity Recordings, and the label steadily gained respect as a place to go for unique sounds in techno.

The label showcases music from other artists Steve respects, each with their own unique voice, and continues to go from strength to strength, only releasing when there is something worth being said.

With a reputation for polished production, creative emotional composition, stunning live performance, and a sound artistic and technical knowledge , Voidloss is a truly unique and eccentric talent who will move your mind, your body and your soul.