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Born exactly nine months after Frank Aquilera set the world frisbee distance record (168m) in Las Vegas and Bruce McCandless made the 1st untethered space walk, Vodge Diper knew he was destined for things larger than himself.

Even from a young age this prestigious producer knew that writing a bio in the third person was his calling in life. He realized quickly that one of the best ways to start such a bio would be to make up a bunch of stuff about how his parents spent years touring the world with great acts like Mozart, Feed Me, and Depeche Mode, when the truth was that he secretly listened to Tubular bells and Thriller on vinyl when his parents were out. After this period of his life it wasn’t long before talk of his early influences gave way to lists of top shelf DJs and slightly shorter sentences.

Having listened to songs played by such world renowned artists as Cold Blank, Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner, he gained the confidence that was needed to bring his own brand of winning to the International stage. He is a keen follower of cutting edge music technology and consequently decided to take a leap of faith and create a Facebook fan page. This went down a storm, with everyone from his best friends to his family joining within days. It was at this point he realized that he could finally fulfill his calling in life.

His Soundcloud page on the other hand reads like a corset of sonnets dealing with the tragic difficulty of being both an introverted superstar and a simple 3rd person bio writer at heart. However knowing that if he could sum up his life in a 500 word bio he would die of sheer embarrassment, all he asks is that you experience the hype for yourself. But remember, one day he might decide to destroy you all.