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Vladimir Klas, under the name Batcher, was born in the suburbs of Moscow. As a child absorbs the passion for music with tapes of every genre, including pop commercial Dance-House of ’80-90 years, as Silent Circle, Modern Talking, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, Frankie Knuckles, Black Box, Eddie Amador, Todd Terry, Deep Swing, Carl Cox, and many others. In his youth comes a strong passion for the genre of the House 90 to 16 years to work out the first remix., in parallel started playing at private parties.

At a very early age Vlad became fascinated with musical composition and began experimenting with different acoustic and electronic instruments.At 18 he produces small mixtape influenced hip-hop and house. For a couple of years has involved studies and remains on standby.

Only in 2009 again to produce and mix individual. Quickly he grew infatuated with the electronic sounds and intricate percussion and grew more and more fascinated with the Dj culture and Production side of the industry.

Until now mixing as a job,and now he wants to establish itself among DJs emerging today. He live in Italy for a longtime. Being here has greatly influenced his music life. He is a lover of minimal techno, He love to express his emotions through music, is when Vlad play that when he produce the tracks, and especially love to hear his music anywhere…thanks to the Internet, the netlabel and people like you. His only satisfaction to be heard by others. simple only minimal…


Vladimir Klas is a member of elektroLove movement,radioshow created by himself for club underground peoples…also he discover some djs like Ivan G and Maxim Lagher,all together they create M.I.V.



In September of 2010 born a project called “deliradio”. It is a big news in web world, there are many programs with many different kinds, ranging from reggae to hip hop, from commercial to underground music. Deliradio it combines the philosophy of life today in the city of Rome. is a gathering of many different cultures that have one target … to amuse and entertain the peoples. On Friday afternoon Vlad leads the ranking of the 15 most listened dance tracks, and Sunday night is the resident DJ, together with other best djs from the capital, who turn on virtual club with only underground music (minimal techno electro

Funk style).This is club life…