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San Antonio, United States

Electro House, Progressive House

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Vivacious started out as an owner & operator of a Karaoke business in 2001 with close friends. After the 1st year of starting out at small bars around San Antonio her business partners decided to separate and venture out on their own. Vivacious wasn’t sure how to proceed since the DJ world appeared to be predominately a male world. Vivacious has always had a passion for music. While growing up she loved going out with family to music events.

“When you have a passion for something, go get it”

During the 1st year of being in business by herself Vivacious decided to buy a full set up of equipment & lighting to be able to continue doing what she loved. She advertised herself and her business in the yellow pages & online. She signed up as a vendor for Wedding fair’s, Coming of Age fairs AND WORKED AS MANY PRIVATE EVENTS SHE COULD TO GAIN EXPOSURE. By the end of the 2nd year of working alone she had already gained a steady clientele. By this time Vivacious was being asked if she would actually DJ small backyard parties. Of course she was hesitant to accept, so with that she ventured out again to purchase actual dj equipment to be able to attempt the DJ world. Before accepting her 1st actual DJ gig she reflected on what she had learned from a top DJ in San Antonio. Hanging out with him at the clubs he worked at and playing with the lighting as he Deejayed she also learned from him how to actually spin & mix her 1st record. Vivacious practiced on the DJ equipment day & night just to learn how to mix for the upcoming events.

During the 3rd year Vivacious was in full swing with the DJ business and some karaoke. Working between 3-5 gigs a month. By mid year weddings & coming of age celebrations were in full swing. Vivacious learned how to talk to people to earn their business. The rest is history.

Her enthusiasm, liveliness, vibrancy & energy have earned her the name Vivacious. After the 1st 3 years of being passionate about learning to DJ, the passion for music, passion for meeting people, passion for watching people dance and have a good time to what she spins and a passion for providing exceptional customer service, A Star is Born….

As a DJ, Vivacious is one of San Antonio’s Leading Female DJ’s in the mobile industry for Texas. Traveling all over Texas spinning private events and working as a guest DJ for several events. Vivacious has worked along side some of the best DJ’s in San Antonio & Austin. As a versatile DJ her music style is a wide range of genres. From Electro,Progressive, Trance, Latin, house, dance and all the way to country. Her favorite sound to spin is high energy. Progressive, Electro & Trance (PET)

During the time Vivacious is not busy appearing as a guest DJ she channels her passion to working with the community & donating her time as a DJ for special fundraisers, children school dances & watching Senior citizens dance to her spin oldies.

Vivacious has had the pleasure of meeting and working with DJ Tonyc (tonik) and his project Summer Jam. She has worked with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, Susan G Koeman-The Cure as well as many others organizations. Just to name a few performances DJ Vivacious has appeared at Summer Jam, Winter Fresh 2013, Fat Tuesday events, EDM Nights at The Falls, Longbar & River parties & events sponsored by Project EDM.