Location: San Francisco, United States United States
Genre: Minimal, Progressive House
Alias/Collaboration: GYDYR, GYDYR


Language: English

Since the tender age of 6, Vitamindevo has been playing drums. While in his teens he played in a few punk bands blasting out the most intense speed beats known to man.

While attending college in Florida, a friend introduced him to the turntables and later went to his very first underground party. He was immediately hooked and began practicing every day with his friend. Moving back to Connecticut he bought his own tables and became addicted playing at every chance he got buying records like they were going out of style. He then moved to New York City where he has been unleashed to the masses.

He is currently working exclusively with the wild and sexy DJ BiancaDino. Together they thrown down like no other and are a pair Made for the decks and Stage. Their group 3L3TRONIC is here to stay.

With their debut single On its way in the studio. Look out for this crazy pair rockin your feet till sunrise.



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