Dj Vitamin (real name Andrew Vilks) was born in Riga (Latvia) in 1980.

He became interested in electronic music since visiting UK (London) in 1995. He started collecting vinyl records, and made contact with local vinyl djs in Latvia, also he was trying to make his own music on computer (FastTracker).

Later he choose nickname “Dj Vitamin” as a protest to drugs and “death on the dance floor” syndrome. Also he started to experimenting with own techno tracks on Yamaha sequenser (QY70).

During 1997 and 1999 Dj Vitamin played on many underground Latvian Techno events. He also plays his own tracks during dj sets, and gets very good feedback from public. Mainly because of this, his style becoming more dance floor oriented and more public friendly.

In 1999 his own tracks appeared on Janis Krauklis (one of the Latvian oldest dj) radio program, and in Top10 Latvian Electronic music radio chart. Since then he became interested in music hardware: synthesizers, samplers, mixers and started to build his own studio.

In 2000 Dj Vitamin becomes a co-founder of X-Promo Promotion label, and started to work as a promoter in cooperation with big Latvian night clubs such as: ‘Nautilus’, ‘Tonuss’, ‘Banzai’.

Later, with series of such parties as: “Underwater Attack” and “Djs at Work” X-Promo became major club promotion label in Latvia, and introduced techno music to commercial club dancefloors, which were mainly house oriented.

Dj Vitamin started to implement house tracks in his techno sets because public in nightclubs differs from public on underground techno events. But still techno and tech-house music was a foundation of his dj sets. He tries to push live sets to the limits by mixing vinyl with short loops from sampler and several synthesizers.

As a producer he became interested in house and disco-house music. He changed sequencer and old several synthesizers for a yamaha RS7000 workstation with sampler and started to write disco house and house music. As a result – such tracks as ‘Substitute’, ‘Love’ and ‘Summertime Groove’ were hitting dance floors and radio stations in Russia, and Europe. His latest techno tracks heavily based on analog synthesizer sound, and usually Dj Vitamin performs them live on techno parties.

From 2006 – Dj Vitamin heavily working in studio, mainly writing his own tracks and trying some new music hardware gear. Together with other X-Promo co-founder Dj Drozd he played on biggest Latvian Electronic Music events in 2006: 4Block, Therapy Sessions, Electronic Music Sunrise, Music Revolution.

In 2006 Dj Vitamin partially playing his sets from Apple Macintosh computer, Hardware Controller and Ableton Live – because of flexibility of live performances with this technology. But usually on gigs his dj box still full of vinyl records, and he hopes that vinyl records will be still actual in future.