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Rodrigo Raggi is a Progressive Psy Trance artist from Mexico, that performs under the name Visua. He has published tracks In labels around the globe such as IBOGA, Spintwist, Blue Tunes, Iono music, Nano Records, Planet B.E.N, Plusquam, Y.S.E, among others.

In 2009 after participating in several compilations, he launched his first EP named Blue Essence in Plusquam Records. This one includes his old school track “Vishuddha” with Remixes from one of the owners of “Sourcecode Records” Erick Bijil /Liftshift and also a remix from the Israeli duo: “Invisible Reallity”, not to forget the Visua’s remix to the track “Floating Free” of Vibrasphere, which was first released at the V/A Royal Flush from Plusquam.

Shortly after, on 2010, Blue Tunes Records published the second EP of Visua with his known track named “Nano Technology” which was first released in the V/A Tshitraka Project, Vol 5 on 2008, entitled like that due to an important festival that have place in Germany. The EP includes two excellent remixes, one from Sun Control Species and the other one from Ocean, who is best known for his project Altöm and now Voyager.

One of his important collaborations is the V/A Area 51 Vol.2, of Planet B.E.N, in which we can find a deep progressive track called “From here to there” that was created alongside the Swedish Andreas Wennerscöld / Gaudim from Iboga Records.

Visua has also worked on Remixes for albums such as “Cocktails” of Liquid Soul,“Remixed Memories” of S-Range, and in the single “London Landscapes”, of Zen Mechanics & Motion Drive, and the list is growing!

For nearly four years Visua remained offstage, but not of the music, besides he was exploring his sound, was in a stage of meditation and spiritual growth.

It was not until late 2013 and early 2014 that he decided to return with 2 new EPs, one of them called “Codes” which includes his remixes to Fatali and Motion Drive. This EP was released in the record label “Audio Load Music”, founded by Hannes kittla and Sirko Montagu, owners of the Spintwist and Blue Tunes Records based in Germany.

The music of Visua, has been characterized for been interesting with pleasant feelings and atmospheres, that can transport your mind!

Keep tuned to Visua, you gonna hear a lot of interesting stuff from him, beside your favorite Record Labels and festivals around the globe!