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Virtuo System

Los Angeles, United States


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Virtuo System is the stage name and project created by David Contreras, an Electronic music producer from Los Angeles. Virtuo System produces a variety of styles within the Electronic genre.

David’s musical history started at the age of eighteen when he finally decided to use his 1980’s Casiotone that had been collecting dust for a year. He had no knowledge in music whatsoever and decided to learn it along as he created music. On August 2011 he uploaded two bootleg Daft Punk remixes on Youtube which consisted of the tracks “Something About Us” and “Emotion”. On November 11, 2012 he released his track, “XI-XI-XI” for celebrating 11-11-11. On February 2012 he released his First EP, “Contact” which included the track “XI-XI-XI”. “Contact” was inspired by a dream he had where he made contact with an extraterrestrial life form and was taken on a voyage to their home world. On August 22, 2012 he released his second EP, “Illusions”.