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Daniel Granados Reyes born in August 8th, 1980; at late 80s is when he gets attracted by the legendary Martin Delgados radio show at WFM Mexico, then was when he started to know the music and also he started to imagine how to put together several tracks.

Then he met Claudio Yartos work, who was one of the most popular DJ/Producers at the early 90s, dj resident of the Magic Circus Club @ Mexico City, also he knew to the Medusas Dj Booth in the same city, both things that became a strong influence to take the choice to become a DJ.

Later in the middle 90s he learns to mix records with a very high quality and also he founds his own business ‘Virtual Sound’.

He has participated in several radio shows like:

Radio uic MEXICO D.F, Radio tec monterrey (programa conducido por dj sintonika), Beat 100.9 MEXICO D.F, Inova Cordoba Veracruz, 99.9 fusion Tehuacan puebla (conducido por dj star72 ), t-one francia (conducido por ian osborne )

Now at days he has played in every single part of Mexico and South America, having great experiences in places like Acapulco, Hermosillo, Veracruz, Morelos, Queretaro, Oaxaca, Puebla, Pachuca, Morelia, Guerrero and Colombia. He has shared the stage with huge, worldwide recognized Dj/Producers like , Grooveman , Mario Ochoa, Marco G, Greg Goldsack, Alejandro Roman a.k.a. S.O.N., Ricardo Reyna, Juankrap, Angel Rodriguez and Disco45rpm.

Each month he shares a dj residence with other artists like Kevin Sunray, Christian Alvarez, Richard Grey, Willy San Juan, dj Wady and Ian Osborn at the French radio station t-one, He also have a 14 track EP named ‘Sol Latino’ released on CNR Records, Chile.

In this days he is being organizing events under the name Virtual Sound and Senzo Experience, having a great response from the crowd, he is being playing at many private events and several clubs around Latin America and also his remixes and tracks are more popular than ever, he has now became one of the most important artist around the globe.