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Virgil Enzinger

Salzburg, Austria


43recordings, Abstract, Android Muziq
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Virgil Enzinger – Salzburg/Austria. Live act & producer (Masters of Disaster/Neuton/Future Classics Publishing)

VIRGIL ENZINGER aka PRIMAL PLANT, a Salzburg based Austrian producer, was able to convince from the very first demo. Focused on the more harder sound of techno music, he released numerous EPs on GENAU!, TRITONE, Kazumi etc. and became part of the FUTURE CLASSICS PUBLISHING in Frankfurt.

The music style of this young talent fits in perfectly to the demand for straight but still grooving techno, the backbone of every major techno event.

Beside his very clear vision and expectation to what he wants to bring out on the creative channel, he is also trying to improve the technical side of his productions from track to track.

As a contrast to hard techno music, he is also producing slower but not least powerful techno / electronic music, which he says is a very important aspect in this genre too, to show people the other side of this music.

One important reason for the strong impact of his tracks on the dancefloor is the fact, that he was able to collect live-experience on selected gigs/events, for example at the world famous TRESOR CLUB in Berlin. These live performances developed and professionalized his music, which gained him respect amongst the party-crowd and famous producers as well.

Now he released on the well known high quality label MASTERS OF DISASTER, where only the best techno producers have released before (acts like Chris Liebing, Gayle San, The Advent…) and on the label BEATDISASTER RECORDS together with Basic Implant.

VIRGIL ENZINGER also appears in the Charts of CHRIS LIEBING (April,2006), ERIC SNEO etc.