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Montreal, Canada

House, Techno

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Born in Moscow, Russia into a military family, Vlad traveled all over Russia and lived practically everywhere. The last 6 years (93-99) Vlad lived and studied in Moscow and graduated from Military Aviation Engineering Academy as a fighter pilot (VVS RF)

Vladimir’s passion for music was born at the early age when he was already DJing at school parties and events. Attempts to organize his own Russian themed club were unsuccessful, but Vladimir never gave up.

DJ Vinzer was recognized for his superior DJing skills while working on such projects as MALINA, MAXIMUM-MAXIDROM (Moscow), Russian Castle, PROJECT MTL, TNT GROUP, KOKTEIL OTTAWA, and NDZ Zelenograd.

Vinzer nick name was born in 1993 after ill-translated phrase from DIE HARD II with Bruce Willis. From a misspelled WINDSOR raised Vinzer which is still to this day mistaken for Vladimir’s last name, which it isn’t!

At present moment Dj Vinzer working on his own project Vinzer Mix Montreal. He is continuing to play on partys every month in a different clubs. He is improoving his Dj skills from club to club and the question to be recognized as a North America Dj N1 is just a matter of time for him.

As well hi is working on remixes for known Russian and other pop music compositions.

Clubs: ChineWhite (Ottawa), 4th floor(Ottawa), Space (Ottawa), Oppa (Montreal), Next (Montreal), Vatican (Montreal), 1234 (Montreal), Dakota (Montreal), LaBoom (Montreal), Dome (Montreal), Traffic (Montreal), Opium (Montreal), Castle (Montreal).

Also starting 2004 year Dj Vinzer works as a resident Dj in Kremlin Nights Radio Show on 105.1 CKDG FM Radio Station in his home town Montreal, Quebec.