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Vinny Bricks

Cincinnati, United States

Tech House


The seventies yielded three phenomena: disco, casual sex, and Vincent Brick

Born in Flint, Michigan, Vincent Brick (aka Vinny Bricks) became a music lover and a multi-instrumentalist at a very early age. Vinny grew up the son of a performing Blues/Rock guitarist and is forever influenced by his early exposure to a diverse mix of rock, blues and soul. At age nine he learned his first basic chords and progressions on an acoustic guitar and was encouraged further by his father’s gift of a Fender Jaguar guitar. At 15, Vinny noticed an abundance of other guitarists and not much else. Looking to fill the creative gap, he took up bass guitar, then drums. His first live performances were with local rock bands in the Warren, Ohio area throughout his mid-teens.

Vinny discovered the rave scene in ’94 and was bit hard by the dance music bug. Mesmerized and intrigued by the art of turntablism, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1996 to go to school for Audio Engineering and to work with an old friend Ken Petrosky (Cluster Poindexter) and his company, Kids Under The Carpet. Together they worked to book and promote parties inside the Arizona dance music scene. Then, inspiration struck with the thrift store find of a twenty-year-old Moog synthesizer. Vinny turned his focus to music production and acquired enough equipment to start laying down original techno and hard trance tracks.

Bricks gradually turned his attention to live performance and played his first live p.a. in the summer of 1998. He opened for a cast of well-known national acts at Emerge- an underground party in Phoenix. Around this time, he also completed the Master Recording Program at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and received Digidesign Pro Tools Certification.

Vinny finally headed back East and completed an internship at a large commercial recording facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he observed studio sessions and worked in the dub room. In the preceding months, Vinny had acquired a very deep appreciation for house music; now he began to play live house sets and started working again with Ken Petrosky to establish For Those Who Know as a vehicle to promote their music. For Those Who Know was designed as an independent record label with in-house production and promotion capabilities. They began cutting dub plates of their tracks and launched a website that exposed their music to people around the world.

Today Vinny lives in Cincinnati, regularly spinning a variety of house and techno at clubs and parties throughout the Midwest. He is currently available to book, and a number of his DJ sets are available for download on his website and other various places in cyberspace.