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Vincent Villani was born in New York City. He’s had a passion for house music since age 13, and many other genres of music as well. By age 15 he was introduced to the dance music club scene. Vincent started taking a strong interest in different styles of techno dance music and the club scene shortly became a new way of life for him. The first New York City club he attended was The Sound Factory on a Saturday night with DJ Jonathan Peters as the main DJ. That night inspired him to become a DJ instantly. Soon enough he decided to take up the full time life style of a New York City DJ and before he knew it, he had started the life he had dreamed of. Vincent was inspired by other DJ’s and producers such as Carl Cox, Victor Calderone, Carlo Lio, Chus&Ceballos, Danny Teneglia,

Steve lawler, D- Unity, Carlos Fauvrelle, Kobbe, Manuel De Le Mare, Peter Bailey, Richie Santana, Steve Angelo, Alex kenji, Stefano Noferini, Boris, Junior Vasquez, Superchumbo, Eric Morillo, and many more.

By age of 21 Vincent was djing dance clubs in NYC such as the Sound Factory, Exit, Discotech, Go, Deep Pink Elephant, Club Heaven, Manor, Nikki Midtown, Bed, and many more from New York City to Miami under his alias name ‘DJ Vin Vinyl’. Eventually he made his own party called “The Underground” at Club Deep with his other DJ friend. By 2004 his interested started to expand to the music production side of the business. His love for producing dance music with Ableton & Logic came in to play and he pursued a professional career in the music production industry. He was signed to his first label Scaramouch Records in 2005 and held a manager position with them.

By 2007 Vincent had created his own label know today as Dark Vibe Productions. He then received his Audio Engineer degree at SAE in New York City, and attended multiple classes at Dubspot’s Music Production School for his EMP certification in many different software applications. Today Vincent works in many different studio’s and is always collaborating with others, sharing his knowledge and creativity with friends, fans and well known producers such as Richard Dinsdale, Audio Injection, Will Monotone, Fran LK, Chriss Vargas, Nikos Maridakas, Adam Jay and many other different artists and labels. Since then Vincent and has expanded his sound globally as a Dj/Producer/Remixer around the world.