As the co-founder and current owner of Inci/Dental Records, Steve Blair (aka V'iLLiN) has tried to make an impact on Toronto's club & party scene and in the electronic cult... read more


Location: Toronto, Canada Canada
Genre: Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop

As the co-founder and current owner of Inci/Dental Records, Steve Blair (aka V’iLLiN) has tried to make an impact on Toronto’s club & party scene and in the electronic culture since the label’s foundation in the fall of 2002 and its first ever club event in April 2003. Through playing ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE he could and through starting his own promotion end of the label, first with the THE JUNGLE INCIDENT!? He & partner DJ KinDread quickly developed a following and were hosting events and performing all around southern Ontario with most of the people that inspired V’iLLiN to begin with, Toronto’s jungle dons like Capital J, Freaky Flow, DJ Spinz, Trek-E, Mystical Influence, Medicine Muffin & Marcus Visionary to name a few. This grew into larger and larger opportunities that included bookings along side such names as DJ Hype, Adam F, Fabio, Shaka Zulu, DJ Flight, and even DJ Bill Kelly!

At the same time, V’iLLiN has ALWAYS given opportunities to up and coming performers looking to get some exposure in Toronto’s massive scene by never forgetting he was once there too. Always innovative and notorious for being the only DJ to bring dancefloor-oriented drum n’ bass to Toronto’s gay/bi clubbers every Thursday at one of the city’s most notable secrets… ‘FAST FORWARD’- you never know what to expect from this enemy of silence. Known for his hard yet emotionally connected, bouncy style laced with unexpected remixes, big pounding bass and the tools to scratch- he has definitely stood out from those around him. V’iLLiN has also performed at the Winter Music Conference in Miami several times and has been broadcast over djshows, thewomb, and Medicine Muffin’s RINSE OUT show on 88.1FM. V’iLLiN also creates virtually all of the promotional graphic design for Inci/Dental, Venom & his co-collaboration with DJ Catashtrophe, ’ DJABC! (which is an acronym for ’DJ’s & Artists For A Better Community’- a forward thinking fresh approach to Toronto’s gargantuan yet obesely-spoiled party scene).

By early 2006 Inci/Dental will have three vinyl releases for worldwide distribution. V’iLLiN was also responsible for organizing the first annual official Toronto DNB Showcase for the Winter Music Conference in Miami in March 2005. He is well underway in organizing the next Toronto DNB Showcase, Northern Touch 2 for WMC 2006 and is working hard at getting everyone in Toronto involved!

V’iLLiN’s versatility allows him to be able to walk into any party and make sure the crowd goes home happy and educated through his melding of sounds, styles, feelings and a social conscience that seeps through everything he does, whether its new school drum n bass, ragga-jungle drums, raw hip hop badness, soulful r&b hooks, jazzy breakdowns or pure turntablism madness- you can be rest assured that he will be an always evolving part of jungle/drum n bass and see to it that even if you’ve never heard jungle before ’ you’ll walk away having felt how much passion and fun goes into his artistry. Gaining steady momentum as a respected artist, V’iLLiN is intent on having the top echelon in Canadian talent signed to his label right out of the gate, and it’s important that Inci/Dental remains true to its philosophy by creating music, events and concepts that set the stage for the entire community of drum n bass in Toronto & all of Canada to proudly come together and show the world and each other what we can accomplish as a team. This has proven to be just the start of what this bad boy is capable of!