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Viktor Callahan

Toronto, Canada

House, Trance

LAD Publishing & Records
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DJ Viktor Callahan aka Vikas Viktor Callahan Prakashan is known to all his friends and fans as Vik.

He is no stranger to the world of house music. From a very early age he has been closely following the evolution of house music, after watching Sasha and John Digweed play live, it brought about a huge impact on his life. Thats when he decided, instead of being a spectator, he wanted to get full fledged into the world of electronic music.

Once he had enough money to buy his first mixer and a pair of turntables, he slowly began teaching himself how to count and match beats using vinyls in his bedroom

He met DJ Keith who is well established in the party circuit in Dubai. He gave Vik an opportunity to warm up for all his parties and eventually Vik started doing the entire gig for him.

Vik met DVJ Mass Ramli who was two time Palme DJ of the yearin Dubai. Mass helped Vik fine tune his DJ skills and also taught him the art of scratch and juggling. Hence enhancing Vik’s skills but adding the turntablism flavor into his house sets.

Although it seems he has recently begun his music career, in actuality he has been playing since the age of 12 and from the very beginning he has been making waves in the house music scene.

This highly self motivated DJ is developing his trademark in this fast paced and competitive industry by constantly evolving and developing his skill set, hence giving the crowd exactly what they want in his own style and thus leaving his mark behind in finesse.

Vik spins and produces all genres of house music and is constantly experimenting by fusing house with hip hop, desi, retro, arabic and other genres of music.

Contact: DJ Viktor Callahan

Email: [email protected]

Venues performed at globally:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

- Sanctuary (Atlantis, Dubai)

- Chi (Dubai)

- Neo (Dubai)

- Trilogy (Dubai)

- Boudoir (Dubai)

- Quantum (Dubai)

- Keva Lounge (Dubai)

- Etoiles (Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi)

- Blues & Cues (Dubai)


- Ministry Of Sound (London)


- Castle Club (Aiya Napa)

- Babylon Superclub (Aiya Napa)

North America:

- Red Zone (Columbus, Ohio)

- Long Street Bar (Columbus, Ohio)

- Static (Columbus, Ohio)

- Rain (Las Vegas, Nevada)


- The Beach (Bangalore)

- Sutra (Bangalore)

- Pebbles (Bangalore)

- Blue Bar (Bangalore)

- E-Zone (Bangalore)

- Zero G (Bangalore)

- Zeus (Bangalore)

- Fuga (Bangalore)


- Sunburn (Goa, India)

- Glastonbury (UK)

Preferred Setup:

One Pioneer DJM800 DJ mixer or higher,

Two CDJ2000s,

Two Technic’s 1210 turntables,

One Pioneer EFX 1000, Two Macbook Pros

for Ableton and Serato