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  • Podcast 452: Edward

    Earlier this year, Gilles Aiken (a.k.a. Edward) dropped his first album as Desert Sky, Gaia. It’s...

    Tue 23rd August 2 PM
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Vid Papez, also known as Vid Vai, is a young electronic music producer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Originating from a family of artists, he has been involved in music since his childhood. Vid began playing violin when he was six and after 7 years of active playing, he switched to electric and acoustic guitar, later followed by a renaissance lute. His musical taste has always been opened to new, fresh, alternative and innovative approaches to composition and sound, especially after falling in love with various jazz and ethno music artists.

Vid’s first encounters with electronic music happened back in 2008, soon followed by attempts of production. Since then, he has produced many tracks in a constant pursuit for uniqueness and quality, from techno, experimental minimal, to deep house. Vid’s sound could be described as warm and deep, as he is trying to find new approaches, making crossovers between different genres. Greatly inspired by rhythmically diverse latin music, relaxed and melodic jazz and with all kinds of things, that are unique and moving, his musical world is constantly growing, offering a fertile ground for an artist and his music to evolve.