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Victor Dinaire

New York, United States


Dissident, Pharmacy
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Passion. When one considers the quest of up-and-coming DJ VICTOR DINAIRE,it’ a word that comes to mind. From an ardent fan of Trance music to a budding promoter, the next step in the progression finds Victor mixing his first CD compilation for Logic 3000, LOGIC TRANCE VOLUME 4. With some people it’ all about being at the right place at the right time. That time came last year when Victor’ interest in electronic music landed him a promotion gig at Logic. We’ll let him tell you the rest.

“I was always into music as a kid, but didn’t really get into dance music until the early 90’ when I was throwing parties at the Limelight, Tunnel, and Palladium. It was great working for all three nightclubs because I got a taste of three different scenes: the gay scene, the rave scene, and the mainstream club scene. I worked Wednesdays through Saturdays at the clubs and spent the remainder of the week either flyering the town or at the office putting together another event. I loved the music and always wanted to be a DJ and producer but I was busy and extremely afraid to try, even though I always felt I could make an impact. While the crowd was dancing and having a great time, I always observed the people’ reactions to the way DJ’ worked them. My favorite DJ to observe was Junior Vasquez. It was from him that I learned to work a crowd by setting dramatic sequences with key records. For me, the best moments in a club were the late nights at the Tunnel while he was playing.”

“Anyway, around that time (1996), something tragic happened in my life where I was left with nothing. While I was alone, trying to figure out my future, I felt I had nothing to lose, so I decided to follow my passion, music. I saved up and bought equipment and after just 3 months I had my first gig at the Bank. Ever since then, I’ve played up and down the coast and as far out as Texas.”

“My musical taste? I love emotional music—something that can be felt. I love stuff that is upbeat, often with a message or a story. It doesn’t necessarily mean trance, although that’ probably my favorite genre. I love to give people a feeling like they have been to a million places when they hear me, or like a blockbuster movie, a set of many moods and feelings. On top tunes, I like to have multiple copies to change and extend the great moment.”

At the moment, Victor can be found spinning at his “Earth” residency in New York, as well as making frequent stops in places like North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Rhode Island and Texas.