Top 50k on The DJ List

Vicky Partner

United Kingdom

Electronica, House

AKA: Vipa



Standing out is tough. A quirky background, infectious style, aesthetic sense, ability to structure, broad experience, crowd reading ability and easy going attitude all help. Yet are rarely enough to stand out considering the sheer number of djs clamoring to be heard. However in V.I.P.A.s case simply state her IDJ Raw Talent Runner Up Spot in May of 2007. What better publicity is there than having a mix judged one of the seven best in the entire country for the month by an influential national djing glossy and panel of djs consisting of Anne Savage, Yousef, Eddie Halliwell, Nic Fancuilli and Jon O Bir. The achievement and recognition speaks for itself.

But lets first go back to the time when she started gigging in her real name Vicky Partner. It was the scorching summer of 2003 and her store was set out with several gigs at the Blind Dog in Canterbury. By early 2004 this led to 2 hour sets at Ashford’s Bar Three Zero on Thursday nights. The impetus then resulted in further gigs at NVs, in Ashford, and at Jays Bar in Dover where she came 4th out of 50 in a dj competition.

V.I.P.A has a style that connects with and takes clubbers on a journey that fuses her trademark dirty and electro house with techy, progressive, and acid elements to die for over hypnotic melodies and lush vocals that possess substance. Her music is intelligent, spirited, flowing, infectious and at a deeper level evolving, multi layered, genred and forward thinking. Not content with the mass of overly stripped down or generically bland tracks around today, Vicky seeks out beauty in electronic dance music. For example Larry Heards The Sun Cant Compare. Proof positive that kick arse beats and lush vocals dont have to be mutually exclusive.

Later whilst rocking crowds for entire Friday and Saturday nights at Three Zeros, and playing at the Tap n Tin in Chatham she came to the attention of Club Class promoters at Maidstones River Bar, who on being impressed with an early demo, booked her for Feminine Funk. This led to a slot supporting Club Class legend George Andrews at Classic Beats. After this promotion as a 5 star dj by Topjox led to bookings in London, for a fetish night called Smack! Held at city nightclub Copyright in St Katherines Dock, so called because it was virtually nextdoor to where the national papers are printed, it then later moved to the Renaissance Rooms venue, a superclub in Vauxhall, owned by Heaven, the biggest gay nightclub in the country. It was for Smack! that she played 8 hour sets, rocking the crowd and having her eyes very much opened by what went on and that which she saw. The name V.I.P.A. was born at this time too, an amalgam of her full name.

With such self belief V.I.P.A. committed herself to her music by moving to within a 10 minute walk of the River Bar in Maidstone and accordingly the Club Class scene. Such commitment, determination, continued effort to develop her skills, knowledge and confidence has helped to already developing things afresh for this year. And what a start to the year it has been. Her IDJ Runners Up mix / podcast Hurt in Babylon, has been downloaded by listeners across the UK, Germany, Chile, the US (from East to West Coast), Brazil, Australia, Estonia, Austria, Spain, Iran and El Salvador. And if to be honest, if you dont believe such then those below might have something to say about it.

JEFF GRAY (Club Class Promoter/Co Founder) “I was impressed by your djing & we would certainly have you back at River again”

JUDGE JULES (BBC Radio 1) “Superb mix, and far more interesting and well thought out than the vast majority of other dj mixes. The combination of new, old and quirky stuff would no doubt go down an absolute treat. All the best, Jules.”

IDJ MAGAZINE (May Edition 2007) “In the three and a half years since she started djing, V.I.P.A. seems to have enjoyed a colorful time. Eight hour sets at gay night Smack come to mind, an experience she describes as having my eyes very much opened by what went on. She can, on the evidence of this mix still concentrate on the decks though, because this is a set of dirty house, electro and tech house that’s so now it’s probably got 2007 stamped all over it in invisible ink.”

2 COMMENTS FROM THE SMACK! ONLINE FORUM Yah to all the above. V.I.P.As music was just fantastic. “Totally made my evening.” (Tank Girl) & “Well done to all the prep that went into it. The music was fantastic. Such a brilliant dj with just the right mix! The atmosphere was very grandscale clubby and very anything goes!” (Violently).