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Vicious Vendetta

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Techno, Trance

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DJ V is one of Malaysia’s most prominent & active DJ/Remix Engineer/Producer.

He is known for the versatility & creative feel that he pours into his mixes with a mix of sounds & samples to make his remixes truly Malaysian. With over 100 remixes to his name he is no doubt one of the best Remix Engineer in the industry. He is a massive figure in his genre & a peer to many Djs in the country. His selection of genre includes Hands Up, Italodance, DanceCore & Commercial Trance always keeps the club punters pumped up wanting for more. Also known as Dj Vendetta, he has released numerous remix albums in various languages which has been distributed all over asia especially China. His remixes are spun all over Malaysia & even as far as Cambodia. He was linked to now disbanded MP4 where he perfomed & rapped for Jamaster A, Dj Simon & veteran Dj Scratchy Steve. Many of DJ V’s remixes are top downloads in many asian websites contributing to Malaysia’s brand of dance music where he terms as Oriental Trance or Canto Trance. In this time of high audio technology many dj/producers has taken this opportunity to produce tracks which are mainly from Hong Kong, China & Taiwan. Dj Vendetta is Malaysia’s answer to the equation.

DJ V,s aggressive mixing ,scratching skills & killer remixes has brought residency with many clubs in Malaysia. Held a 7 year residency @ Megrez Executive Dance Club & currently @ Lynx Dance Club where he is the resident Chief DJ. Together with his protégé Dj LN2 & Dj Nasty Nation they are a trio to reckon with. Special Guest Dj appearances in JJ Disco, Raven Disco , Happy City Entertainment Centre & many other clubs. He is also sought after in private parties and events. Although not well known in the mainstream industry he is always ready to fill the floor and pump the bass for all music lovers.